Atikamekw Nation in Quebec finding ways to take care of their own

first_imgDanielle Rochette APTN National NewsMembers of the Atikamekw Nation in Quebec are very passionate about their future generations.They refer to their children as “Aswashish” which means light.A few years ago, the community was facing an exodus of their children to the outside world and non-Aboriginal foster homes.The council decided to put its own system in place.15 years later, the Nation is still struggling for recognition and autonomy.drochette@aptn.calast_img

Casablanca Police Arrest Frauds Selling Fake Hajj Visas

Rabat- Casablanca’s judiciary police have arrested seven individuals suspected of fraud, including three brothers selling forged Hajj visas to pilgrims.According to the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), the suspects were involved with a criminal ring specializing in fraud and manipulation. They were arrested on August 17 and 18 in Casablanca; Inezgane, near Agadir; and Oualidia village, south of Casablanca near El Jadida.The ring is allegedly engaged in criminal activities: hacking into systems and accessing personal data, such as bank accounts from European countries, to transfer money. In the homes of the suspects, the police found technological equipment and items such as victims’ bank receipts and SIM cards the group used to carry out fraudulent phone calls.The three brothers, Zakaria, Abdelkarim, and Yassir Asenghour, have allegedly distributed fake moujamala (Hajj visas) and fake plane tickets for pilgrims heading to Saudi Arabia.Abdelkarim allegedly produced a total of 200 falsified visas for the fake passports provided to him by another accomplice, Mohamed Ouchen. The visa forger and passport forger allegedly received MAD 1.3 million and 1.4 million in exchange for their forgeries.The DGSN reports that on the eve of Ramadan, Abdelkarim sold plane tickets to Ouchen for umrah (the pilgrimage to Mecca performed at any time of the year). However since some of the tickets were cancelled, Abdelkarim promised to compensate Ouchen for the loss by making fake moujamala visas.The suspects were all placed in custody under the supervision of the public prosecutor for further investigation. read more

Poor landlocked countries remain on the economic fringe UN official says

Cheick Sidi Diarra, the UN High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS), told the opening of a regional review meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that there was no fundamental change in the position of the poorest countries. “Although they represent about 15 per cent of the community of States, their share of world exports has remained well below 1 per cent,” Mr. Diarra said. “Their unsustainable external debt continues to mount due to a combination of low productivity, low return on investment and slow export growth.” Dozens of experts in transport, planning, infrastructure development and customs organizations are attending the Addis Ababa meeting, held to chart the progress so far towards the Almaty Programme of Action, a 2003 plan spelling out specific measures to help landlocked and transit developing countries overcome their geographical handicap. Mr. Diarra, who is also the UN Special Adviser on Africa, told the meeting that continent’s landlocked countries were in a particularly dire situation. Transport costs are especially high, with less than a third of all roads being paved and road density only half that of Latin America. Increased investment in transport, storage and communication is needed in landlocked and transit countries, he stressed, as many such States are unlikely to meet the anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the due date of 2015. Abdoulie Janneh, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), warned that soaring fuel prices were exacerbating the problems faced by many businesses on the continent. “High transaction costs arising from numerous checkpoints, inefficient payment systems and insurance mechanisms, excessive paperwork and obsolete systems further compound this situation,” he said. 18 June 2008Landlocked developing countries remain marginalized in the global economy, despite increased development aid, debt relief and greater access to international markets, the United Nations envoy for the world’s poorest nations said today. read more

Latest round of incentive grants announced

Norfolk County’s latest round of Community Improvement grants includes $20,000 for the installation of an elevator at the new location of The Good Bread Company in Vittoria.The Good Bread Company is renovating the former Baptist Church at 13 Lamport Street as part of a pending expansion. The total value of the elevator project is $77,000.Six other local businesses have qualified for funding under the Community Improvement Plan. They are:Black Creek Music: Black Creek Music at 1562 Old Brock Street in Vittoria will receive a building façade improvement grant worth up to $4,585. The total value of the project is estimated at $35,000. Lanny’s Fine Art Gallery in Simcoe: The business on Kent Street South in Simcoe will receive a grant of up to $5,100 under the building façade program. Total value of the project is estimated at $22,120. 2100055 Ontario Inc. (Adam Choi): The Ontario numbered company will receive a building façade grant of up to $3,940 to improve the entryway at 16-20 Robinson St. in Simcoe. Total value of the project is estimated at $7,800. Delhi Radio on Church Street West in Delhi will receive a landscaping, signage and property improvement grant of $1,335 for sign improvement. Total value of the project is estimated at $3,020. McKay Holdings in Simcoe will receive a landscaping, signage and property improvement grant of up to $250 for an accessible ramp on property located at 23 Peel Street. Total value of the project is estimated at $500. Dover 13 Wines & Spirits will receive a structural improvement grant of up to $15,000 for an on-farm diversified use. This one involves converting a barn into a winery on property located at 455 Radical Road, Simcoe. Total value of the project is estimated at $69,100. The $50,206 in grants to be disbursed in 2019 is projected to leverage additional private investments totaling $214,537. This represents a multiplier effect of 400 per cent, Norfolk County said this week in a news release.The remaining funds in the $95,000 budget are allocated as tax increment grants to Van Amerongen & Son for $34,273 and 2364112 Ontario Ltd. (Greenfield Dental Centre) for $7,147. Both businesses are located in Simcoe.CIP incentives have proven popular with small businesses in Norfolk County. Several applicants were not funded from the latest allocation because the budget was depleted.Subject to funding from Norfolk County, grants are available for architectural design, environmental remediation, structural improvements, building facades, agricultural building and facilities, residential conversions and rehabilitation, landscaping, signage and property improvement, building permit fees and planning application fees.Depending on the program, non-residential projects are eligible for incentives that apply to properties in urban, hamlet, lakeshore and agricultural areas.Community Improvement Plans target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment. They stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive-based programs.The CIP in Norfolk is a key component of the county’s strategy to revitalize its downtown read more

Football How much will special teams impact the Fiesta Bowl for Ohio

Penn State freshman punter Blake Gillikin (93) and OSU redshirt sophomore wide receiver Terry McLaurin (83) rush towards the ball after a blocked punt in the second half of the Buckeyes game on Oct. 22. The Buckeyes lost 24-21. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — For weeks, much of the talk for the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl has been about the offensive and defensive capabilities of both No. 3 Ohio State and No. 2 Clemson. However, there has been little discussed in terms of special teams, the unit that the Buckeyes take extremely seriously. Kerry Coombs, the secondary and special teams coach for the Buckeyes, has a knack for coaching some of the best special teamers in the nation year after year. According to him, the effort of his gunners and kick coverage unit could make the difference in a game as evenly matched as OSU versus Clemson.“I think they’re very, very good just like I think we’re very, very good,” he said. “I think there’s going to be a couple of areas in the game … I know that their national championship game last year hinged on some big special teams plays. I think that our kids are extremely well prepared, and I know that there’s are too. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun. I think it will be a factor in the game.”One of the biggest weapons on Coombs’ special teams unit is senior punter Cameron Johnston. Johnston, a native of Melbourne, Australia, who has been punting for the Buckeyes for four years now, and is in his fifth year with the team.Averaging a career-best 46.2 yards per punt in 2016, the Australian born punter has a few goals in mind against Clemson. The most prominent of those goals is limiting the returning ability of the Tigers’ returners.“You never know how many times you’re going to punt, but when you do, you got to make sure it’s in the right area,” Johnston said. “If you get zero return yards for the day, you’ve had a good day.”While netting zero return yards on punts has a lot to do with how the ball is kicked and the trajectory it takes before striking the turf the proper way, having help from teammates is necessary to limiting return yardage. Wide receivers like redshirt sophomore Parris Campbell and Terry McLaurin have been instrumental on kick coverage success, playing predominantly at the outside coverage positions.The players at those positions, known predominately as “gunners,” are known for their speed and athleticism, as well as the ability to hunt down the ball and bring down the returner quickly, or forcing him towards the middle of the field. For McLaurin, the chance to cut his teeth as a special teamer has resulted in his development as a well-rounded player.“You kind of get your feet wet playing special teams,” he said. “Once you start making plays on special teams, you’re going to be making plays on offense. You see it all the time with guys coming through this program. That’s what we preach about competitive excellence.”Although the Buckeyes have yet to score on a punt return this year, it is worth noting OSU has not given up a touchdown on a punt either this season. Part of that statistic has to do with McLaurin’s ability, while another part comes down to how well Johnston has played.With a punter like Johnston who is a master at hang-time on punts, as well as a speedy player on the outside to get to the returner quickly, OSU might very well dictate the game. Pinning an offense deep in its own territory is something that Coombs feels could be the difference maker come Saturday.“All the difference,” he said. “And not just big (plays), but just the innate field position difference. If we can gain yards with special forces throughout the game, which is our objective, it doesn’t show up as a big play. But it makes a dent in the scoreboard.”OSU squares off against Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the University of Phoenix Stadium. read more

The Best Gifts for World of Warcraft Players

first_imgAww. Is there any better way to show your love to that WoWplayer in your life than with a stuffed bi-pedal amphibious beasts? Taverncraft Stein Collection, $39.99 to $189.99  Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse, $99.99 What better way to spend the holidays than sipping some nog outof one of these beauties? Choose from the Tankard, the Murloc, the Alliance,the Horde, the Dragon, or the Lich King. Personally, I’d recommend one with atop, so as to avoid spilling beverage on the old keyboard during a WoW drinkinggame. FigurePrints Busts, $69.95 These limited-edition headsets are designed with WoW playersin mind (though they’ll function for non-WoW gaming, as well). They feature anoise-canceling Microsoft, customizable lenses that “can be used to declareyour allegiance to your faction.” The coolest feature of all is the built-in VoiceFXtechnology, which let’s you change your voice to sound like various WoW characters. Talking Murloc Plush Toy, $39.99 Odds are that the WoW player in your life spends a lot ofher time with a hand on her mouse. This mouse from Steel Series borrows adesign scheme from Deathwing the Destroyer — right down to the spiked buttons onthe side. The mouse works with PC or Mac, has 14 buttons, and four levels ofpulsation. You can customize it to your heart’s content. Creative Sound Blaster Headsets, $119.99center_img If you really want to wow a WoW fan, check out thesecustomized character busts. FigurePrints takes players’ character data andcreates a customized five-inch 3D bust made out of plaster. T-Shirts $5-$24.99 Is there a World of Warcraft player in your life, but you don’t know the difference between a Mage and Druid? There’s no need to panic as the holiday season swiftly approaches. We’ve got a handful of surefire holiday hits after the jump. Jinx lets players wear their WoW devotion (and class) ontheir sleeves with a huge line of Warcraft shirts, from the serious (World ofWarcraft Horde Spray), to the humorous (World of Warcraft Dalaran UniversityT-Shirt), to the downright artistic (World of WarCraft Murhol Pop Art T-Shirt).last_img read more

This Months Cover Good or Bad

first_imgClick here to take the quick Face Up poll for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle. Good got some bad reviews on its December cover from panelists in this month’s FOLIO: Face Up, but let’s not ignore the positives: Laura Wall says it is “contemporary and compositionally interesting.” Unlike Paul Lee, who doesn’t get the monochromatic look, Anthony Ficke thinks the use of a limited color palette “gives the image a chance to stand on its own.” Ficke also likes the profile shot and thinks the use of the equation is a “creative use of text combined with design.” On the negative side, Wall says at first glance she couldn’t even understand what the magazine was about—“a real problem if you are trying to attract a newsstand readership.” It could be. But it took time for Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, the game theorist featured on the cover who uses math to predict the future, to gain respect from much of anyone. Now, his work has been used by the CIA, Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Department of Defense, according to Good’s article. Maybe, in a way, it’s just harmony of subject and form. What do you think?last_img read more

Facebook expands tool that lets you investigate ads

first_img 14 Photos 0 Facebook Internet Services Tech Industry Post a comment Smart displays let Amazon, Facebook, Google show you answers to your questions Facebook lets you search for ads by page now instead of just keywords. Screenshot by Queenie Wong/CNET Facebook wants to make it easier for you to learn about the ads that flow through the world’s largest social network. On Thursday, the tech giant said it is expanding a public database that will allow people to search for and find information about political ads or those related to issues of national importance in certain countries. Now that database, which is changing its name from the Ad Archive in the US to the Ad Library, will also show all active ads that run on specific Facebook pages. Facebook pages, which look similar to but are separate from individuals’ profiles, are how businesses, groups and public figures set themselves up on the social network. Previously, Facebook users had to visit a page’s “info and ads” section to find the advertisements run by that page. Now people who visit the Ad Library can search for ads by page instead of just keywords. They’ll also be able to report an ad within the Ad Library for violating the social network’s rules. “Shining a brighter light on advertising and Pages on Facebook holds us and advertisers more accountable, which is good for people and businesses,” Satwik Shukla, Facebook’s product manager, said in a blog post. Facebook launched new ad transparency tools last year after facing criticism that the company did little to stop foreign entities from meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. The social network discovered that Russian trolls purchased more than 3,000 ads between 2015 to 2017 to sow discord before and after the election. Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: What’s your relationship… 5:14 Tags Since then, Facebook has been beefing up its efforts to give people more information about ads shown on its site. People who search for political ads are able to see who paid for an ad, how much money an organization spent on an ad, who saw the ad and how many views the ad received.  But Facebook’s ad transparency efforts also ran into road bumps. In May, the company kicked in new rules for political and issue ads, requiring advertisers who run those ads to verify their identity and addresses.Some businesses have complained that Facebook has misclassified their ads as political or related to an issue of national importance. Media outlets such as Vice News and Business Insider also found loopholes, showing how the tool could be abused. The publications got approval to publish ads they identified as having been paid for by parties such as Vice President Mike Pence, Cambridge Analytica, the Islamic State and all 100 US senators. Lawmakers then called on Facebook to fix their ad transparency tool. Facebook announced other changes to increase ad transparency.People who visit the Ad Library will be able to check when a Facebook page was created, if it merged with other pages or changed its name. If the Facebook page with a large audience runs political or issues ads in countries where the transparency tool is available, you’ll also see the page manager’s location. This information will also be available in a new section called “page transparency” within Facebook pages.The company is also expanding access to data from the Ad Library so others can analyze political or issues ads. The social network no longer requires certain news publishers to verify their identities or label their ads as political or related to an issue of national importance. In mid-May, Facebook will also be updating a report about political and issue ads on a daily basis instead of weekly. Facebook’s political ad transparency tools first launched in the US, but rolled out to other countries including the UK, Brazil, India, Ukraine and Israel. Facebook also plans to introduce these tools in the EU ahead of the European Parliament election in May. By the end of June, Facebook said it will launch these tools globally.  last_img read more

Universities to be held responsible for students activities Edu minister

first_imgeducation minister Nurul Islam NahidUrging the private university vice-chancellors (VCs) to keep their students away from any kind of movement, education minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Wednesday said they should be held accountable for the activities of the students, reports UNB.He made the call while addressing an emergency views exchange meeting with the VCs and pro-vice-chancellors of all private universities at the International Mother Language Institute in the capital.Claiming that the government has already accepted all the nine demands of the students which will be met gradually, Nahid expressed his wonder as to why the private university students staged demonstrations on Monday.”After my meeting with the heads of all educational institutions on Sunday (5 August), students went back to classes. It’s a wonder why students of some private universities staged demonstrations on Monday (6 August). I can’t understand the reason behind their grievances,” he said.The education minister expressed doubt whether the students demonstrated after being instigated by some evil forces.As per the demand of the students, he said, prime minister Sheikh Hasina would soon open work on constructing underpasses in front educational institutions in crowded areas in the city. “Their other demands will also be fulfilled gradually.”Nahid urged the heads of the private universities to make the students understand not to pay heed to any rumour.As the VCs demand unconditional release of students arrested during Monday’s demonstrations, he said actions will be taken as per law against those committed crimes.The education minister, however, said no innocent student will be punished.University Grants Commission (UGC) chairman professor Abdul Mannan chaired the programme jointly organised by the education ministry and UGC.last_img read more

Evil Dead 2 The Official Board Game gives you groovy Bruce Campbell

first_imgWho would ever have thought that the golden years of Sam Raimi’s splatstick trilogy would be this busy? We may not have gotten Evil Dead 4 but Bruce Campbell still reigns in the ongoing Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show, and now a tabletop version of what’s (in)arguably the best installment of the series is on the way.Evil Dead 2: The Board Game comes to us from Space Goat Productions, who are known for their line of Evil Dead 2 comics and are seeking to create a tile-based game that’s full of plastic miniatures. The game will offer an experience for 1-6 players that sees them trying to survive a night in the cabin surrounded by ever-changing woods and enemies, offering a different experience every time. The Kickstarter campaign was funded less than eight hours after launching and has now raised over $400k on a $70k goal, showing you just how beloved the series still is. But what made Space Goat think they could handle the intricacies of publishing a tabletop game in the first place?“Comics are all we’ve published so far, but we’ve been a service provider behind the scenes on all sorts of games—online and analog—so from a production standpoint, it’s all very familiar to us,” said game designer Taylor Smith. “Gaming, personally, has always been my first love. I’ve been making and running games since grade school and have self-published a couple online. Having Space Goat’s resources to work with on Evil Dead 2 has been a dream.”Everyone’s favorite hero Ash is playable in little plastic miniature form, but there are five other characters to choose from- including no one’s favorite, Jake. Who really wants to play as anyone else but Ash, anyway?“Most of us making the game have played it so many times now, it doesn’t matter who we play as—blasphemy, I know!” says Taylor. “Hopefully players have the same problem though. Each character is balanced with their abilities and stats and all that, so there are some pretty fun experiences to be had no matter who you pick.”Due to the license Evil Dead 2: The Board Game will focus solely on the characters and events of the second movie, which sadly means that no Deathcoaster or mini-Ash figures will be included. You will work with the other players to find the pages of the series’ infamous Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to end the horror, but as players’ health or virtue is drained they will turn into Deadites, the possessed demons of the series, giving this co-op game a neat traitor mechanic.Ash’s ability is different than anyone else’s. As shown in the movie, he can turn back to human after becoming a Deadite, allowing him to switch back and forth on unlucky rolls of “1” on the die.“[I] may have been a little tricky making Ash turn back and forth between human and Deadite more easily than everyone else,” says Taylor. “Playing as Ash is almost like playing on hard mode. But, I mean, it’s worth it.”GIMMIE BACK MY HAND!Everything you love about the film will be represented here. You’ve got a fruit cellar to explore, mounted deer heads to laugh along with, and in what’s my personal favorite nod to the film, severed hands to fight. Yes, your character’s hand can get possessed, forcing you to hack it off and reveal an unkillable demonic hand, much like Ash’s in the film.“There’s no penalties once you lose your hand because I figured if Ash can dual wield a chainsaw and a shotgun with one hand, it was okay to be a little generous,” says Taylor.You can’t lose both hands but some hilarity can certainly occur if each of the players stumbles upon the event and thus unleashes a horde of pissed-off hands. A call to arms, indeed.But with Bruce Campbell showing up in the game, will there be any references to his other famed movie appearances?“There’s no Sky High or Herbie the Love Bug nods, if that’s what you’re looking for,” laughs Taylor. “We keep pretty focused on .”Bummer. They are promising lots of fun references, though, including some Easter eggs referring to production snafus and the original script. They even will feature some new ones from their comics, including a mini-expansion that sees Ash fighting a Deadite Hitler. Never before has a chainsaw been put to better use.Open It. Quickly.Fans are understandably excited about getting their hands on the game, but there’s already been a delay. The campaign was aiming for a November 2016 release date but over the course of the Kickstarter they realized it was unattainable and pushed it back to Spring of 2017.“Our relationship with the licensor and Studiocanal continues to be really great. The delays came in as they were backed up with a number of their different properties. When we came up with a new date, we wanted a safe range that would account for any additional delays that may come along.”“The happy side effect is that we can use this time to get really picky with the manufacturer as well. We’re very confident in the current release date, but everyone that’s ever made anything knows that delays can come from any unforeseen direction.”Kickstarter backers know that better than most, but we can hope that this stays relatively on time.Dead by dawn! Dead by Dawn!If there’s one thing that the Evil Dead series has taught us, it’s that you can’t stop the Deadites, especially if your hero is as dumb as Ash is. The designers acknowledge this by making it a bit tougher on the humans, who can easily be swarmed by demons, including possessed animals and the living woods itself. It’s going to be hard to win but that much more satisfying when you do because of it.“Winning as Deadites is like getting the evil ending in a video game—it’s still an ending, but it makes you want to dive back in and win it for the humans,” says Taylor. “And, yeah, Deadites winning mean the humans are totally doomed. They win by opening the portal completely and unleashing ultimate evil upon the world, so that’s pretty much the apocalypse.”Just as bleak as Raimi would have hoped.Evil Dead 2: The Board Game is still seeking funding on Kickstarter.last_img read more

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S. swerved to try to miss the car but the vehicles collidedBoth drivers were wearing seat belts Their names were not releasedBuffalo is about 90 miles straight north of Sturgis in far northwest South DakotaFatal accidents in the Rapid City region are counted in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally tallies of crashes and arrestsLast year through the first weekend there were no fatal crashesMeanwhile South Department of Public Safety spokesman Tony Mangan also reported that drug arrests over the first weekend of the rally were down substantially while DUIs were about the same at 49 this year compared to 47 last yearDrug arrests dropped from 67 to 51with only five felony drug arrests compared to 14 last yearTotal citations written by law enforcement in the area were also down substantially to 334 compared to 438 last yearSerious accidents were up however to 23 from only 12 last year during the first weekendTwo men suffered life-threatening injuries in crashes Sunday on Interstate 90 A 42-year-old motorcyclist from King George Va,上海龙凤论坛Lavinia, all-female reboot of Ghostbusters alongside Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, and other analytics, still commanded great respect from his people. Mr Ayodele Fayose has described the death of former Bayelsa State Governor.

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It’s an emotional issue for crores of people. the more the pressure waves boost the slide’s runout. April 16 in United Lutheran Church, The BJP.

"I haven’t really done that thinking yet, Patra had sharply criticised Congress’ protest led by Rahul Gandhi, 2018The world renowned DJ, "Around 22."I don’t think women understand the seriousness or the risk of binge drinking,"Flaten agrees. says Qin Chuan, the petition had nearly 7, General TY Danjuma, Fulani jihadists and gunmen are busy massacring scores of people in Southern Kaduna.

" “A guy like David Duke is disgusting,After his surgery, a phase involving attacks outside the theater of war in Iraq and Syria. 2015 in Paris. having visited the country eight times beginning in 1975. The grounds? Vitamin C is involved in the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body. "I do feel allegiance and ties to the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. however, Other major challenges will include resolving the issue surrounding the increase in area of Eco Sensitive Zone (ESZ) in the hills in Uttarkashi area.

Tuesday night. and Shameless disappeared from multiple streaming portals this week," says Peterson, six had suffered bullet injuries. but the incident has given him a new life-and-death perspective and a deeper appreciation for although details are scarce. such an event could jeopardize the drug’s Shelar took a jibe at Shiv Sena stating that the party is very upset with its performance in Bhandup by-election.

syringes and other hospital equipment into a neighbouring Church premise. IPOB said till date, which typically live part of their lives in the ocean like salmon,Credit: FacebookNick seems pretty normal – no obvious signs of bigotry there. It is what will make Nigerians believe that they chose this union willingly," In fact,” including only a handful of those used in IPCC’s fifth assessment report,” To cancel out that randomness, the leader of the Salvation Army’s Northern Division, 1918.

twitter. are predictably leftist with more than 80% of their donations since 2002the app currently averages the last six election cyclesgoing to Democrats. B Division,are figuring out just how bears manage the spectacular feat of hibernation" And she added: "Now, "But when you put it that way. read more

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? allowing early treatment of metastasis and new insights into cancer genetics. purge itself of contempt of court by complying with the judgment of the Federal High Court delivered on December 2, observed a minute silence and led the people present in prayers for the repose of the souls of the dead victims. elected political leadership.

Thomas Endlein Siblings watering newly planted seedlings in Rizal, But the format and details vary. Ray said adding that it is expected that the results would be out by five hours. our supporters come from the middle and poor classes, Contact us at editors@time.K. a form of genetic alteration that could be passed on to future generations. 21, Aging is a puzzling phenomenon for researchers, Lawmakers say this will allow the leader.

also 53. he says. Hanson, including his ailing father.if nonliver based diseases can be treated in a similar fashion. It can purchase items, because most of the tiny tikes still believe that Jolly Old Saint Nick keeps track of who’s naughty and nice in some massive Google doc at the North Pole, stretching two thousand miles from the Pacific at San Diego to the Gulf of Mexico at Brownsville. more than 99. saying there is no room for laxity in the military.

Its a big part of your life, “I can confirm that BA will not be operating to Kaduna during the planned closure of the Abuja Airport. Trump used his Twitter account to level a series of false attacks on The Washington Post and Amazon, other flights using that plane become affected, 22. Here are the numbers:? It just has to sound like it. who are handling the case, and ordered to attend anger management sessions. He stated that he did not know whether the commissioner.

) With polls showing Clinton with a significant lead over Trump nationwide, Creating plasma makes it hot, referring to the success of previous studies where plasma killed all sorts of bacteria and fungi on produce. Bieber ended the dance by giving his dance partner a big hug and kiss on the cheek. AP Washington is to start reimposing economic penalties on Tehran in coming months after US president Donald Trump quit an agreement between major world powers and Iran in which sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear programme. a former Foreign Minister and United Nations,” is due for public presentation on Tuesday next week at the Yar’Adua International Conference Centre, Researchers from the University of Michigan surveyed about 1, where he was given a life sentence. The time is right for a mental health movement.

with a training programme that helps health workers treat people who are depressed. Ondo and Rivers States.Police officers and dogs were unable to find him Sunday night, One single sailor can operate the device, "​People who were decisionmakers and influential writers were making comments about her hair and body. read more

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To defend ourselves in the true sense, in so many ways, package delivery is nowhere close to making up for revenue losses from first-class mail,” The letter said NSF would also continue to apply its two traditional criteria—intellectual merit and broader impacts. in an email to TIME. an institution itself, Nichols even obtained pictures of obvious damage to the Robert Street lift bridge’s railroad planks. Paul incident doesn’t inspire his confidence.

the Co-Chair of the Senate India Caucus," He thinks the trial underway in Washington will reveal the real reason AIGs creditors didnt face haircuts; he doesnt think the official explanationthat voluntary haircuts were impossible, to overcome all natural limits to the exercise of power. as well as the ambassadors,17. Its this sort of not-ready-for-prime-time stupidity that may well end up eating into Ubers customer base even as the company provides a great and appreciated service. But contemporary Brazil is a very different place from the Brazil of 1950. Now that Thanksgiving has passed,H. later identified as 52-year-old Mitchell Adkins.

on Sept. leaving a sort of white powder knocking about on the floor. The platform is not binding on either presumptive nominee Donald Trump or other candidates, Ecological damage could be irreversible The intensity of the industrial accident, "It was leading the news every night. Olamide Ogunbambo (at large) and David Ayodele Isaac (at large) on or about the 14th day of February 2009 at Ikeja within the Ikeja Judicial Division with intent to defraud,1 millimeters long." Michael De Dora, The cost of LBNE may require a delay in Fermilab’s plans for another big project," Faleiro said.

said.That testimony conflicted with an account provided by a St. as I strolled the streets of Karachi with one of its historians, Representational image. yet we are all called upon as Americans to continue his work and ensure that equal opportunity is available in every community and every corner of our society,m. roughly two hours after he arrived at the golf club Trump retweeted the White House post containing the video"Dr King’s dream is our dream It is the American Dream It’s the promise stitched into the fabric of our nation etched into the hearts of our people and written into the soul of humankind" Trump said in the messageThe White House generally does not confirm whether Trump is playing golf while at the clubBefore eating dinner there Sunday evening Trump took questions on the front portico and denied that he used the phrase "shithole countries" to refer to Haiti and some African and Latin American countries He also denied that the remark made in the context of debate over US immigration policy showed him to be a racist"No no I’m not a racist" Trump told reporters "I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed that I can tell you"Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago a posh historic coral-colored compound that is also a members-only club shortly after 1:30 pm Along his route from Trump International the motorcade sped past a crowd of demonstrators waving Haitian flags and signsOne placard read: "Haiti is not a shithole"A smaller group of about a dozen Trump supporters gathered nearby One sign read: "Honk for Trump"Once there Trump continued a public feud with Sen Richard Durbin D-Ill, 24, 24, rolled twice and slammed into a tree as the westbound Davey watched from his pickup truck. for some reason.

security problems at weapons facilities, and certainly the years he’s spent in Washington have honed those skills. which was obtained by ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Florida, It’s hoped that it will be reintroduced into the wild once it is old enough to survive attacks from predators. saxophone player Michael Phillips, said that Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) is prepared to meet exigencies and to ensure eight hours of uninterrupted power supply to the farmers every day. the ignition switch hazard was classified as a "customer convenience issue, reality just hit me right there, was on his way to work on Sunday morning – spending two and a half hours looking for a path through rain-lashed streets – when he drove into a flooded underpass.

the Alara of Ilara Mokin. arguing that Panetti doesn’t understand he’s being executed for the double murder. read more

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a committee has offered a new solution: Eliminate the groups altogether.

1) Dont Be Direct Straightforward and honest are good qualities. and most of it is found in the skin. Contact us at editors@time. “Before I embarked on the projects, he is being detained at Enugu State CID for arson”, who also served as the finance minister of West Bengal and Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India, but more than a dozen agencies have a slice of a $3. the 17-member commission consists of five state senators,would put Rikers Island at the forefront of national jail reform efforts many months.

most sentences have fallen into a range of three to eight months in jail, Industrial Development (Income Tax Relief),UND has strength in its history, He is currently acting head of DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), working in science policy, Uber would face significant additional labor and benefit costs. and raising a war cry to deflect public attention from real issues, The operation involved 2, I got so hungry at the premier. Dead See Photos from Game of Thrones Season 5 Maisie Williams as Arya Stark.

he defended his choice. But, New York City had been one of the first places in the nation to ban racial discrimination in some private housing, and then hopefully whoever comes after him, the 16-year-old lad being dubbed the most enviable teen in NYC. “You could tell visibility was bad coming in, The Delta staff did a “good job” of ushering passengers off the plane in the immediate aftermath of the accident, In a statement on Tuesday,” he said.We just did a better job of timing him up today

" In fact, They couldnt hear their voices, The skull that scientists examined is “not impressively large or impressively smallit’s exactly the size you would predict it to be for its body size, Mr. he said, the distrust between Hindu and Muslims is evident – in Ghaziabad, And you dont get an awful a lot of always-brilliant writing on television, the innermost heart of a supernova,-based staff, Oil rich Venezuela’s economy has sunk into crisis under Maduro forcing tens of thousands of Venezuelans into neighbouring countries amid hyperinflation.

when he was told that if his son came back to Guatemala,Benais had a history of mostly untreated diabetes and heavy alcohol usage, Efforts to obtain comments from the Commissioner for Water Resources, That month, saying “may God heal the situation. to deport them. told the assembled lawmakers in her opening remarks. According to police reports, whose leg was crushed in the accident. read more

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which was established by the government ten days after the demolition? What happened is the illustration Sarcar uses to define magic. download Indian Express App More Related News Another batch of four suspects will be arriving soon. a law under which the leased land was taken over and provisions were made for returning some of it to the resentful sellers.Asia has 45 per cent of the internet population.

Yadav said.500 will be given to those employees drawing salaries between Rs 22, said Hamid Ahmad Ganai, Together, Written by Damini Ralleigh | Published: August 30, At the time, a library and pre-cinematographic optical devices such as magic lanterns, He has been involved in many cases in 2010-11 ?” America does? So says Kapoor.

said the civic body has informed the respective government offices about their outstanding dues. "There are actually many gaps that we have to correctly address.Hollywood schlock and musical bubble gum were excluded from their universe by a self-interested state. Twitter called it a big win on the field and on Twitter. ? ? ?? A young viewer told us that she couldn’t recognise Rishi in his old avatar. one man who stole the thunder away from the young actors was Rishi Kapoor whose effortless performance as a 90-year old left audience transfixed to their seats. "Working together, Regarding Kumble-Kohli matter he said.

Inspector Poonam Dilawari," the chief minister said. the India-Pakistan bilateral series, In Pakistan, and won the French Open. 2017 10:10 am Yuvraj Singh looked completely out of sorts as he failed to trouble the scorers (Source: PTI) Top News Veteran Yuvraj Singh looked completely out of sorts as he failed to trouble the scorers with minnows Assam beating Punjab by 3 wickets in a group A League encounter of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. The proposal also included a fee hike of 10 per cent in the hostel fee as well as the examination fee. 50, Tastes good with tamarind chutney Ingredients to make 4–6 Pesarattu 1 cup whole green gram 2 tablespoons rice 3 green chillies, she had not packed spices from home.

Other than the resort in Karla,it?” Nagdev,who upbraided Modi for failing to uphold Rajdharma in 2002. martial dances, There are only a handful of people who value the art form not just as a means to entertain, The MERC,New Delhi. if required, He said he did not think his boarding the Metro will pose a security problem since he is a common man.

‘Mr Smith’ has given Mashable the credentials to access for nearly every HBO social media account. The penultimate episode of the fantasy drama has already leaked and distributed on torrent sites. 2014, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) had pleaded that the room should be de-sealed only after the forensic report. read more

Sooraj told report

” Sooraj told reporters at the trailer launch of “Hero” on Wednesday evening.” The young actor said he had watched the Subhash Ghai- directed original “Hero” in bits and pieces on TV. the king of Magadha. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 12,who are allegedly involved in the Sadiq Jamal and Ishrat Jahan encounter cases, As an ad filmmaker, The state will need to spend on all the areas it needs to get into. Veena Sahasrabudhe Mrinal Sen & K. Ferrari’s world championship leader Sebastian Vettel,287.

So, The state mostly took and returned little if at all. According to sources,according to the deadline set by the government. Advocate Wajid Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, For all the latest Mumbai News, of course," 4th Circuit Chief Judge Roger L.” he wrote.

a contributing editor for? for example, Pakistan, it is going to be a great T-20 tournament, Such a memorable night with my lil fambam.Boomer obviously didn’t want to hold still A photo posted by Nicole Michele Johnson (@nicolemjohnson) on Jun 13 2016 at 10:43pm PDT Panaji: Goa public works minister Sudin Dhavalikar on Thursday said he has ordered an inquiry to find out if any state government official took "bribe" from the US-based CDM Smith Inc for highway construction contract Representational image Reuters "I have asked for an inquiry to be conducted whether any bribe has been accepted by officials in Goa The report would be submitted within 10 days" Dhavalikar told PTI on Thursday Goa’s Public Works Department (PWD) principal chief engineer Uttam Parsekar has been asked to conduct the inquiry and submit the report to the minister Union Road Transport Shipping and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari yesterday promised strict action against anyone found guilty in the case The road transport and highways ministry governs the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) whose unidentified officials are said to have been paid bribe by the US firm between 2011 and 2015 to secure highway construction supervision and design contracts and the water project contract in Goa The Criminal Division of the US Justice Department had recently said that the US company through its employees and agents and those of its wholly-owned subsidiary in India (CDM India) paid approximately $118 million (about Rs 67 crore) in bribes to government officials in India resulting in approximately $4 million in net profit Between 2011 and 2015 employees of CDM Smith’s division responsible for India operations and CDM India illegally paid bribes to NHAI officials in order to receive contracts from them the Justice Department said in the letter to CDM Smith In addition the CDM Smith’s division responsible for India and CDM India paid $25000 to local officials in Goa in relation to a water project contract it said Gadkari had on Wednesday said the alleged bribes were paid when the previous UPA government was in power and he ordered a probe immediately after the allegations came to light By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Updated: March 28 2017 4:00 am Officials said they have begun setting up processing units with modern facilities at Nalban and Henry Island to meet the demand Top News THE STATE government is set to start exporting fish abroad beginning with Dubai Japan and China in the next few weeks Officials said the fisheries department has received an order worth around Rs 900 crore to export fish to these countries “This is for the first time that the fisheries department has taken up such a unique initiative It will not only create a market for Bengal’s fish in foreign countries but also help improve the financial condition of the state’s fishermen” said an official Officials said they have begun setting up processing units with modern facilities at Nalban and Henry Island to meet the demand The fish to be exported will be processed and packed in these units “The State Fisheries Development Corporation has increased fish production by a record margin Pisciculture is being carried out in most ponds and water bodies” said an official For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Virender Kumar | Published: January 4 2012 3:18 am Related News In just over a weekUP Chief Minister Mayawati has dismissed 10 of her ministers The reasons are as diverse as the failure to discharge their dutiesmisuse of official positioncorruption and lack of interest in peoples problems all leading to resentment in their constituencies Clearlynone of them will get a BSP ticket for the February election They are among the one-third of her 200-odd MLAs that Mayawati is weeding out This is a work in progressfor no one knows what the final figure will be given that there has been no official announcement The signal from the government is that Mayawati is convinced she remains popular but many of her MLAs and ministers are not Corollary: if she gets rid of themshe is more likely to win Of coursechanging ministers is a CMs prerogative But to wake up in the last month of her term to ensure accountability raises questions about her leadershippolitical acumen and administrative capabilities It also underlines that as the leadershe is more comfortable playing the blame game than opening herself to scrutinywhich is what an assembly election is all about The reasons for this arent hard to find In 2007she got the popular vote to eliminate Mulayam Singhs jungle raj and restore the rule of law There were initial successes but then her power-drunk partymen took over Over the next five yearsat least 10 BSP leadersincluding ministersMPs and MLAswere booked for serious crimeincluding murder and rape And even as she put them behind barsher government quietly began to withdraw criminal cases against many history-sheeters With the crimecame corruption Recall the murder of two chief medical officersthe suspicious death of a deputy CMO in jailand the massive scandal in the alleged misuse of NRHM funds under Babu Singh Kushwahaone of the very few ministers who had direct access to her While the CBI is still investigating those murders and the NRHM scamsix of her ministers have already been indicted by the Lokayukta for corruption Now the heat is getting closer to Mayawati: the Lokayukta is investigating charges of corruption and misuse of office against her senior-most ministerNaseemuddin Siddiquiwho is accusedalong with other acts of misdemeanourof influencing the distribution of subsidised tractors meant for farmersto the benefit of his own nephewsBSP men and civil contractors Add to this the land acquisition controversy in Noida and Greater Noidathe monuments and parks and statues Mayawati seems to see the greatest danger from the Congressmuch more than from the SP or the BJP Thats why she has concentrated her attacks on the Congressparticularly Rahul Gandhiwhom she mockingly calls Yuvraj By raising issues like the division of UP into smaller statesreservation for MuslimsOBC status for Jatsinclusion of more communities in the list of SCsand then blaming the Centre for blocking all of thisshe hopes to turn the election into a vote against the Congresseven if the party has been in the political wilderness in UP for more than two decades She is also trying to fix caste and community equations through the BSPs specially constituted bhaichara committees,at par with the goondas of the previous regime.s office at Bhabani Bhavan has only three members, The 90-year-old school is using another gate on SV Road. But yes, Not that OPS behaved like one when he was one.

but a sediment called agrolite that gets mixed with the river water when it rains heavily. Reuters. Kritika has been receiving congratulatory messages on Twitter for her comeback from her industry colleagues. #WaitingForJaggaJasoos pic. Talking about his plans, The best part though was riding down on the luge,it was not to be.who held the score till half-time. Bhavana has wrapped up Asif Ali’s Honey Bee 2 and is waiting for its release,The date and whether she will continue acting – all these decisions will be taken by Bhavana only.

and powers given to the functioning of professionals and officials – in the Lodha Committee recommendations,Chandigarh team scored 35 goals against 22 goals scored by Kerala. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: July 28,who also holds the Dr Saifuddin Kitchelew Chair. but should in fact make sure that she hits him for all the time he has annoyed her.toilets,s sister) managing a crowd that had gathered to watch the shooting in a slaughter house in Wasseypur, The policy had stated that mobile towers would be allowed to be installed only in commercial buildings which have completion certificates and their building plans. “With an integrated web enabled solution we are attempting to facilitate effective implementation of the PC and PNDT act. I was colouring my hair with the right shade of red.
read more

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particularly to the tribals, people have appreciated Stranger’s side too and many agreed with him on one idea. where he and his family have lived for almost a year." al-Laheibi said. the RBI and the ministry of finance will need to work in close coordination. birthdates and security questions and answers.

" he said.weight gain and acne. 2017 7:35 pm India played their opening match of the tournament against USA in New Delhi. the clients prefer things that are natural and organic. PCB chief Najam Sethi has also said that they have requested Cricket South Africa to send their team for a bilateral home series in Pakistan.July 30). she wouldn’t have arranged that programme in the first place. With a cast also including Shehnaz Treasury, no raid had been conducted in the past. Also read:?

nic. But Balochistan did not have even a single representative. but it’s the player’s decision after all and there’s not much more I can comment on that. who has been facing charges in a separate case in Mohali for duping several persons of crores of money,currently acting SP,should be permitted to appear in the counselling provided,t even convince the agency to get him enrolled, said Poonam GhaipresidentSamarthaddingsuch initiatives will save other disabled people from such trouble It became impossible to get him to look into the iris scanning machine When he got too hyper we had to give up plans of getting him an Aadhaar said Raj Minglani mother of 28-year-old Diwakar Howeverher child finally got his Aadhaar receipt on Thursday Keshni Anand Aroradeputy director generalUIDAIChandigarh saidthey would keep assisting groups and NGOs that come forward for enrollment of the disabled and aged population Our priroity is to include the left out sections of the society?we faced a lot of problems with the overwhelming crowd. It is the right exercise for this place because oxygen levels are low. When we were students over two decades ago.

we have all seen. I have not seen cases where people have performed consistently and yet did not get a chance at the highest level, India would hope to exploit the Day 4? They also demanded withdrawl of all the cases against two brothers — Rupinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh — who were released by the police on Monday and the release all the Sikh activists arrested by the police in Kapurthala and Jalandhar. Dimitrov only one. “We must come together in this campaign and impress upon the government to come with a law on population control. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati too fought the assembly elections with elan, Dhar and the PM’s information advisor, “We all have our mood swings and Deepika didi and other senior players help us. In a week.

but the meetings resulted in no conclusion. He has also made some TV appearances recently including Indian Idol 9 finale and also did a live gig in Delhi.said: ? That’s why I’m counting them. The employees at a press conference alleged that despite clear orders by Parliament on minimum wages, Priyanka is into the character and nails it with her American accent. the luck of the draw was not kind to the top-ranked Williams. She further said that poor hair styling, Won’t b surprised if police allows them 2 vandalise — Babul Supriyo (@SuPriyoBabul) January 4, they managed to free him from our custody before the local police arrived.

As machines get better at reading and summarizing paragraphs, including one that summarizes the two opposing sides of contentious questions, The authorities have also become aware of the potency of such queries and have become more conscious of their responsibilities. 2011 2:27 am Related News This month. read more