Des décès suspects associés à lanticoagulant Pradaxa

first_imgDes décès “suspects” associés à l’anticoagulant PradaxaLundi, le laboratoire pharmaceutique Boehringer Ingelheim a annoncé qu’au moins 260 décès “suspects” par hémorragie étaient survenus chez des patients traités avec son anti-coagulant Pradaxa, destiné à prévenir les attaques cérébrales. “Depuis la première autorisation de Pradaxa en mars 2008 jusqu’au 31 octobre 2011 (…) le nombre total d’hémorragies suspectes a atteint 260”. C’est ce qu’a indiqué lundi le laboratoire pharmaceutique Boehringer Ingelheim qui commercialise cet anticoagulant. Utilisé aux Etats-Unis, au Canada, en Australie et en Europe, celui-ci est prescrit dans la prévention des accidents vasculaires cérébraux chez les patients souffrant de fibrillation auriculaire. À lire aussiAntihistaminique : qu’est-ce que c’est ? A quoi ça sert ?Or, depuis plusieurs mois, le médicament suscite l’inquiétude du grand public quant à des effets secondaires potentiellement dangereux voire mortels. C’est ce qui a poussé, selon ses dires, le deuxième laboratoire pharmaceutique allemand à publier ses chiffres, ajoutant également : “80 cas ont été rapportés dans lesquels une grave hémorragie a été mêlée à d’autres causes de décès”.Néanmoins, malgré ce constat, le groupe Boehringer Ingelheim souligne que le risque d’hémorragie constaté est plus faible que celui prévu dans les études menées lors de la demande d’autorisation. Ce qui ne l’a pas empêché de modifier “tout récemment” la notice distribuée aux pharmaciens et médecins de l’Union européenne, pour tenir compte des facteurs de risque que sont “l’âge avancé, les insuffisances rénales, les antécédents hémorragiques ou la prise d’autres anticoagulants”, précise l’AFP.En France, le médicament n’est remboursé qu’en prévention des thromboses après l’installation d’une prothèse de hanche ou de genou, mais la Haute Autorité de santé ne lui trouve “pas d’avantage clinique démontré par rapport à l’énoxaparine” ou Lovenox, commercialisé par le laboratoire français Sanofi Aventis, dans cette indication, relève Le Le 15 novembre 2011 à 20:06 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

John Terry undergoing Spartak Moscow medical

first_img37-year-old John Terry has made the decision to keep playing and he’ll do it in an unlikely destination – Spartak Moscow.According to Gianluca Di Marzio via Daily Mirror John Terry is set to join Russian Spartak Moscow.#Calciomercato | #SpartakMosca, visite mediche ok per #Terry: in giornata la firma— Gianluca Di Marzio (@DiMarzio) September 8, 2018Aston Villa explains why they spent so much money on players Manuel R. Medina – September 6, 2019 According to Aston Villa’s chief executive, the team needed to spend £144.5 million on 12 players in order to stay competitive.The former Chelsea captain has been without a club since leaving Aston Villa and was contemplating retirement. However, based on recent developments, he has made up his mind to continue playing.Spartak Moscow lost their starting center back Samuel Gigot with a serious injury which will likely keep him out of the football terrains for the rest of the season. John Terry will come in and fill the void left by the injured Frenchman.The Russian team is undefeated in six games so far this season and sits in second place with four wins and two draws. Spartak Moscow qualified for the Europa League as well, where they’re in a group with Villarreal, Rapid Vienna and Rangers FC, which means an interesting meeting between Terry and Rangers’ manager Steven Gerrard is lurking on the horizon.last_img read more

Holiday Message from the LOO Hon Charles Washington Misick

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 28, 2016 –  “It is with profound pleasure that I bring holiday greetings to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands on behalf of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, and the Progressive National Party during this advent season and as we look forward to the New Year.” “This annual season gives us an opportunity like no other time to reflect and introspect.  Reflect on the events of the last twelve months and how it has shaped the lives of us all.  In that regard we have much to be thankful for as our beloved Turks and Caicos continues to prosper, and be peaceful albeit new concerns about increased crime. Introspective as we look-back over our own behavior and actions to discover consistencies and contradictions regarding our calling to ‘Love mercy and do justly’ and to walk in humility before our God. ““In the words of the great philosophers – ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’. As we examine our own lives let us extend charity in words and in deed and repent of the motives for the way we have judged others so that the spirit of goodwill to all men ushered in by the saviour will prevail.”“As we face a new year we will continue to experience triumphs and despair at the personal and national level for so goes the course of life.  Let us resolve to summon the courage to face these girded in the faith of our fathers pledging our commitment first to God and our loyalty to country above self and all others.”  “As some of you look forward to the promise of change I find the words of Shakespeare appropriate.” “This above all: to thine own self be trueAnd it must follow, as the night the dayThou canst not then be false to any man.”“May God’s blessings continue to be with us all during this season.” ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Related Items:#magneticmedianewscenter_img Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting #MagneticMediaNews The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provolast_img read more

Manchester City De Bryune cant stand losing games

first_imgManchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne says he can’t stand losing, either on the football pitch or playing a board game at home with his family.The Citizens host Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday night, hoping to close in on Liverpool’s seven-point lead at the top of the Premier League standings.De Bruyne is expected to start the game against Nuno Espirito Santo’s side after an injury-blighted season which has seen him restricted him to just six league appearances.Pep Guardiola’s men are looking to become the first Premier League side to successfully defend the title since Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United team in 2009.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…City defeated Liverpool 2-1 in their last Premier League outing and will be hoping for another win when Wolves come visiting.De Bruyne was asked what motivates him, the Belgium international, replied, as quoted by the Independent:“Winning. I can’t stand to lose.”“Even at home, playing boards game with the missus, the son, whatever, I can’t lose against them. It’s just the way I am. It just drives me to keep going and to become probably the best I can be in football.”last_img read more

Homer City Council Votes Against Marijuana Establishments On The Spit

first_imgWhen Homer began drafting its regulations for commercial marijuana the spit was among the areas where the retail facilities were not allowed. According to Mayor Zak the council intends to revisit this proposal in the future. Currently the only areas in Homer were marijuana stores can operate are in the central business district, two general commercial districts and the East End district. According to Zak, the council agreed to give more time in order to determine what the sales and atmosphere is like in the areas where Homer currently allows establishments. Homer Mayor Bryan Zak: “There was pretty good testimony from the public on both sides of this issue, and the council had good discussions on both sides also. So, basically it came down to they mayor to make the final decision.”center_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Homer City Council voted against allowing retail marijuana establishments on the spit at their council meeting on Monday, March 12. Zak: “Not saying no forever, but we are taking a slower approach, and not immediately open up the Homer spit to establishments.”-last_img read more

2015 Alaskan Wildfire Tally is Below Normal

first_imgDownload AudioSo far this year, about 78,000 acres have burned in 280 fires in Alaska. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually below normal. That’s according to Pete Buist, a public information officer for the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center. Buist has worked on fires in Alaska and the rest of the country for 48 seasons.Buist says the fire season in the state usually unfolds in a predictable pattern.Lori: How does this season compare to other years in Alaska?  Pete: It’s early, actually closing in on mid-season. Year-to-date acres is 78,000, year-to date-number of fires is 280 –that’s fairly low compared to busy years, that’s fairly low. Early in the season, we have a lot of fires that are human caused fires and later in the season, lightening caused, that happens about now, it actually a little late this year. So we’re on the low side in terms of numbers of starts and numbers of acres.Lori: Is that surprising given how dry it is? Didn’t have a lot of snow last winter and dry spring, were you anticipating it would be worse by this time?Pete: At my age, I don’t anticipate, I wait and see what happens, however we have folks, it’s called the predictive services section, who do computer models and they had predicted a pretty busy season, not just in Alaska but through the Lower 48, so they had predicted a heavy season. That has not transpired so far, but interestingly, for example, this is very much the way 2004 started out which turned out to be our record year, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 million acres burning in Alaska alone.Lori: Are there signs we could be heading toward something similar?Pete: I don’t think so. We’re busy right now, we’re not as busy as we get, but we’re busy and the lightning season is coming on, we’re obviously going to get busier for a while, but despite the dire predictions, there’s really no way to accurately come up with what’s going to happen next week, much less what’s going to happen next month. And normally by a month from now, our fire season is pretty much over.Lori: What about the location of the fires? Are there more fires burning farther south this year?Pete: That is something that I’ve observed, that there is a little more activity in Southcentral Alaska, normally places like the Kenai and the Mat-Su, the fire danger is the greatest between breakup and green up and when we’ve got wind in the spring, that sort of thing, it’s very busy down there, this year that seems to have extended a bit farther into the season.Lori: How unusual is it to have several fires threatening primary structures?Pete: It’s fairly unusual in Alaska just because we don’t have that many built up areas. But certainly there is some pressure on the fire suppression agencies because of the fires that happen to be by built up areas.Lori: You have the perspective of a long tenure in fire work, working on fire information, based on what’s happening right now, how worried are you for the rest of the summer?Pete: As I say, by a month from now, normally we’re into more precipitation and lightning becomes less of a problem. I have no reason to think that won’t happen this year, but I suspect we’re going to have a busy two or three weeks before we get to that point.Lori: We saw burn bans coming out, being put in place just yesterday, which seems puzzling, in a dry spring and early summer like this, why isn’t most of the state under a burn ban already?Pete: Well, the conditions vary from one place to another and until we have a problem, we don’t like to restrict people. If it gets to the point where our initial attack resources are a little thin and we’re adamant that we don’t need any more new starts and we’ve got some lightning fires, we don’t like to tell people that you can’t burn or you can’t do this or that, people in Alaska are better than people in lots of places about not doing unsafe things, so we’d rather not restrict people but if it gets to the point we have to, we will.Lori: That’s an interesting point that people here seem to be more fire aware and make better decisions about making sure their campfires are out. Is that what you’re saying?Pete: That’s been my experience, we all do lots of camping, lots of fishing and we have campfires and know how to take care of them, but in any subset of the population, there’s that few percentage points of folks who are not that careful and they’re the ones that cause the problems.Lori: The Fourth of July is coming up, how concerned are you about fireworks this year?Pete: Obviously we don’t need any new starts when we’re as busy as we are. We always mount a small campaign to tell people to be careful about use of fireworks and I’m sure that will be the case again this year, particularly if we’re spread even more thin, we don’t need any new starts.Lori: We’ve heard that the sockeye fire has been determined to be human caused, but there’s no information yet, about what that may have been. Is there anything new that’s being discovered about pinpointing that?Pete: There’s investigators working on that and it will probably take a while. I used to be a fire investigator myself and you start with the full array of what it could be and you start eliminating things and what you’re left with would be the cause of the fire. So it’s not always, we think it’s this and here’s some evidence so we’ll call it that. You have to rule out the other things it could have been. So the first thing is, for example, if there’s no lightning in the area, chances are it wasn’t lightning, then when it comes down to human caused, there’s lots of ways that humans cause fires, most inadvertent but if this particular fire is human caused, there’s millions of ways it could have been started. They’re going to winnow through what’s there and discard the things that don’t fit and hopefully come up with a cause.Lori: It seems like that must be really difficult work. We were hearing reports today from reporters who were in the field, about vehicles being melted by the heat at some places that had burned. How difficult is it, given what’s left, to make after a fire goes through to make that determination?Pete: Well, interestingly, the origin of a fire is not always burned as completely as downwind from where the fire got bigger and faster and hotter. So you work with burn patterns and work your way back and try and identify where that origin was and then you look for clues and evidence at that origin. But for example, if you were to go out and start a fire with a match or a BIC lighter, that fire is not going to be hundreds and hundreds of degrees at that point. Where it goes and where it is in an hour or so will be much hotter. So very often there is a lot of evidence left at the origin itself.The bottom line it’s not an unusual year, but it’s not over yet, so we’ll see what happens and we’ll all be able to give a better evaluation at the end of whether it was unusual.last_img read more

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Virat Kohli claims that tournament can get

first_imgThis can’t keep happening with the bails !!! Hard enough being a bowler nowadays .. needs changing— Nasser Hussain (@nassercricket) June 9, 2019India defeated Australia in their second match of the tournament by 36 runs. Next, they are going to face New Zealand on June 13. Virat KohliICCIndian skipper Virat Kohli and Australian skipper Aaron Finch condemned the unfair advantage some batsmen are getting due to the ‘zing’ bails at the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. India faced Australia in a much-awaited clash in the tournament on June 9 at the Oval, in London. The incident with the bails happened during Australia’s run-chase.India set a massive target of 353 for Australia to chase in 50 overs in the second half of the game. In the second over of the run-chase, Australian opener David Warner played a delivery of Jasprit Bumrah which after hitting his bat and his boot crashed into the stumps. But the Indian players were stunned to see that the bails did not fall off and Warner went on to score 56 runs. This was not the first incident of this kind that happened with the bails in the tournament. The same thing has happened five times already in this year’s edition.Indian captain Virat Kohli expressed concern over the incident after the match, saying, “This is not something that you expect at international level. Technology is great but if you have to smash the stumps to get a wicket it’s not right. These are fast bowlers and the ball hit the stump quite hard but the bails did not fall.” File photo: David Warner got saved as the bails dd not fall after the ball hit the stumps.Daniel Kalisz/Getty ImagesHe added, “If you bowl a good ball to get someone out and if the batsman still survives then what is the point? This may hamper the tournament.”Australian captain Aaron Finch also voiced his feelings on the incident. He said, “Today, we were lucky that it went on our side, but the other day we can be on the receiving side as well. This needs to be fixed otherwise it can hamper important and crucial matches in the tournament.”The International Cricket Council (ICC) has defended the zing bails stating that they are much more lighter than the wooden bails.The cricket world reacted to the incident quite harshly, former English cricketer Nasser Hussain asked ICC to take immediate action to save the tournament from getting hampered and  Michael Vaughan made fun of the incident.Nice era to Bat when you can’t get bowled !!!!! These stumps/Zinger bail combination have to be changed ….. #CWC2019— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) June 9, 2019last_img read more

For the sheer love of fashion and travel

first_img‘Once upon a Time in Aqua’ – summer festive fashion presentation depicting designer Pranay Baidya’s love for fashion and travel, was held in Kolkata on February 13.The showcase was organised in association with The Park, in the presence of eminent personalities like Tiffany Anderson, Chinni Dragon, Diana Trellor, Corina Poppa, Alexey Idamkin, Fabrice Placon, Jürgen Thomas, Micheal Fiener, Carmen Espinoza, Venus Asawapoom, Dhruv Bhalla, Pradeep Khemka, Nayantara Pal Chowdhury, Nilanjana and Srinjoy Bose, Nilufer Archmant, Shaheb Bhattacherjee, and Koneenica Banshyopadhayay. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”My wanderlust and gypsy-soul has always inspired the fashion I craft,” said Pranay while speaking on the occasion. In keeping with iconic love stories, the presentation was divided into three dedicated chapters. First one titled ‘From Bankura to Sicily’ had textiles which were lovingly hand printed by skilled artisans offering an alternative to mass produced fast fashion. Also, it aimed at keeping alive the dying art of hand block and silk screen printing in this age of digital printing. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe capsule collection featured a bohemian mix of shirt dresses, ruffled maxi dresses and tunics in Sicilian hues of pistachio green, blossom pink, lemon yellow, grotto blue, coral red and marsala. ‘Wanderlust’ Mens Celebration wear – A range of contemporary ethnic-wear separates celebrating equal love, and the belief that in the end love always wins. “The idea is to curate a collection which is impactful yet easy to wear and sparks a dialogue,” mentioned the designer. ‘Inspired by India’ – Womens and Men’s Celebration wear was the third chapter showcasing artisanal printmaking on the lehengas, skirts, sarees and menswear, inspired by mughal miniatures and their exquisite filigree architecture. The showstoppers, Mrs India International Richa Sharma dazzled in an intricately embroidered nude peach Mughal garden inspired organza Lehenga and Amrapali Jewels. Ace directors Nandita Roy was a vision of elegance in a tussar-georgette Benarasi Saree with intricate Pasha motifs woven in Antique gold thread, and Shiboprasad Mukherjee in a Royal Blue Chanderi embroidered kurta ensemble stole all the limelight. The evening witnessed Aqua at The Park transformed into a multilevel destination with models sashaying up to the glass facades encompassing the poolside, brilliantly curated by choreographer and makeup artist Rajat – Kaushik.last_img read more

FDA Report Highlights Mammography Facility Inspector Training

first_img News | Mammography Reporting Software | July 26, 2019 Ikonopedia Releases Automated Combined Reporting Package at AHRA Ikonopedia showcased its recently released Automated Combined Reporting package and its entire suite of structured… read more June 6, 2016 — A new report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) details the training process for its 200-plus inspectors that perform the annual inspections of over 8,700 mammography facilities. The inspectors cover facilities in the United States, its territories and its military bases abroad.Every year approximately 15-20 students arrive at FDA’s headquarters in White Oak, Md., according to the agency. The Division of Mammography Quality Standards (DMQS) in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in collaboration with the Office of Regulatory Affairs, conducts annual MQSA Inspector Training for students from states and FDA districts across the country. The FDA said prospective inspectors have diverse backgrounds ranging from students who are radiologic technologists to those who are physicists or equipment service engineers.The rigorous training to become a Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA)-qualified inspector consists of three parts: Courses I and II are online, with a focus on radiation physics and X-ray imaging and image processing; and Course III is an on-site, two-week-long course which focuses on reinforcing the theory and providing practical sessions simulating what might be encountered during a facility inspection, and knowledge testing.According to the FDA, the call for nominations for MQSA training occurs in September of each year. Course I starts in January, Course II in February and March, and Course III is given in April at FDA headquarters. The training is for students from states with whom FDA contracts to conduct MQSA inspections (44 states have MQSA contracts), as well as from states who are certifiers and students who are FDA employees.The minimum qualifications for students to qualify for MQSA Inspector training include:A bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited college or university with a major in physics or with a major in another field but with at least 30 semester hours in physical, health or life sciences at the college level; orA bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology; orCertification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, with at least two years of experience in diagnostic radiologic technology or radiological health work; orGeneral or unrestricted state licensure to practice diagnostic radiologic technology plus at least two years of experience in diagnostic radiologic technology or radiological health work; orAn associate’s degree in science, or at least two years of college level courses, with at least 16 semester hours in science, plus at least two years of experience in diagnostic radiology or radiological health work.Course I, Introduction to Radiologic Health Physics, an online course, provides students with the fundamental concepts of radiation physics in an effort to provide the basis for inspections of diagnostic medical radiographic/fluoroscopic medical X-ray facilities.Course II covers the basic patient mammography examination, mammography X-ray systems, film and digital imaging processing, and quality assurance procedures specific to mammography. After completing this course, the inspector will be able to define and apply MQSA concepts to mammography quality and the MQSA inspection procedures. A comprehensive final exam must be passed at the end of the course. When the student has successfully completed the course, DMQS awards them a Certificate of Completion. Students are then required to accompany and observe an already MQSA-qualified inspector on at least two inspections to gain practical field experience prior to attending Course III, according to the FDA.Course III focuses on simulated facility inspections and evaluations of mammography X-ray systems. After successfully completing Course III, the FDA said students are required to perform at least three mentored inspections under the direct supervision of an MQSA-qualified inspector.The agency said MQSA inspectors are required to maintain continuing education requirements. They must have taught or earned a total of 15 Mammography Continuing Education Units every 36 months. FDA provides funding to assist with maintaining this requirement. The requirement is a minimum, and FDA encourages inspectors to obtain more than the minimum requirement. MQSA-qualified inspectors must also meet continuing experience requirements. Each inspector must complete at least 24 MQSA inspections every 24 months.DMQS continuously strives to improve the training content and process by soliciting feedback from the inspectors and monitoring compliance and technological trends in mammography. Some examples include making the course material more focused on digital technology. Additionally, making more information online increases opportunities for initial and continuing education. The program, with the help of FDA field personnel, also created a mechanism to provide training in between training program cycles when there is an urgent need, and made the evaluation and testing process more transparent so that both students and the entities that submit their names for training are more aware of what it takes to become an MQSA inspector.Since the inspector training program began in 1994, over 90 FDA and 500 state inspectors have qualified through this MQSA program, the agency said. These dedicated inspectors, along with mammography facilities themselves, and MQSA partners such as accreditation bodies, state regulatory agencies, certifying states, and FDA district offices, help ensure women have access to quality mammography in order to detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Related Content Technology | Artificial Intelligence | July 18, 2019 Paragon Biosciences Launches Qlarity Imaging to Advance FDA-cleared AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis System Paragon Biosciences LLC announced the launch of its seventh portfolio company, Qlarity Imaging LLC, which was founded… read more IBM collected a dataset of 52,936 images from 13,234 women who underwent at least one mammogram between 2013 and 2017, and who had health records for at least one year prior to the mammogram. The algorithm was trained on 9,611 mammograms. Image courtesy of Radiology. Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more Qlarity Imaging’s software is used to assist radiologists in the assessment and characterization of breast lesions. Imaging features are synthesized by an artificial intelligence algorithm into a single value, the QI score, which is analyzed relative to a database of reference abnormalities with known ground truth. Image courtesy of Business Wire. Technology | Breast Biopsy Systems | July 24, 2019 Fujifilm Releases Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option for Aspire Cristalle Mammography System Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A. Inc. recently expanded its breast imaging solutions with the launch of its… read more read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Feature | Artificial Intelligence | July 19, 2019 | Michal Chorev AI Models Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-level Accuracy Breast cancer is the global leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer… read more Feature | Mammography | June 06, 2016 FDA Report Highlights Mammography Facility Inspector Training Program includes series of online and on-site classes, shadowing other inspectors and maintaining continuing education Technology | Mammography Reporting Software | July 25, 2019 Hologic Partners With MagView to Develop Unifi EQUIP Solution Hologic announced a partnership with mammography information solutions provider MagView to develop Unifi EQUIP, an… read more last_img read more

Nicaragua quarantines US embassy staffer over Ebola fears

first_imgRelated posts:Russia’s Putin in Cuba, Nicaragua to rekindle Latin America ties Central American leaders concerned over rekindling of Nicaragua-Russia military ties Nicaraguan legislature approves Russian satellite bases Nicaragua expels human rights activists Nicaraguan authorities said Monday they have quarantined a U.S. embassy staffer who came into contact with Ebola patients in Liberia, but the United States denied he was exposed to the disease.The 51-year-old U.S. citizen “confirmed that he spent time in health facilities where Ebola patients are being treated” during a trip to Liberia, said the ministry’s head of epidemiology, Carlos Saenz.The U.S. embassy in Nicaragua acknowledged the unnamed man had traveled to Liberia, but denied he had come into contact with Ebola patients.Before returning to Nicaragua, he was examined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, which confirmed he had no symptoms of the hemorrhagic fever, the embassy said in a statement.Nicaragua‘s own health ministry had cleared him to return to the Central American country and resume work, the embassy added.Nicaragua said the man had arrived there Sunday after traveling to Liberia “in the past three months.”The Nicaraguan government has asked the U.S. State Department to send a plane “with all equipment necessary” to take him back to the United States, said Saenz.In the meantime, the health ministry has isolated him at his home, set up a security corridor around it and ordered a medical team to visit him twice a day.The man does not show symptoms of the disease and the measures are strictly preventive, Saenz said.Last year, Nicaragua declared a health alert over Ebola and detained at least 16 undocumented immigrants from Africa, placing them in quarantine.But no cases of the disease have been detected in the country.The Ebola outbreak that erupted in West Africa last year has ravaged Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, killing more than 10,600 people in the past 15 months.But the number of new infections has fallen, and the World Health Organization said last week that the risk of international spread appeared to be receding. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

CFPB Releases Online Tool to Reveal MarketLevel Mortgage Loan Data

first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau FHA HMDA Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers Veterans Affairs 2013-09-18 Krista Franks Brock A new tool released Wednesday by the “”Consumer Financial Protection Bureau””: (CFPB) provides heat maps and illustrative graphs that detail local mortgage market trends. The “”tool””: relies on data gathered through the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HDMA) to offer consumers information on mortgage loan applications and originations, mortgage loan volume, and the volume of loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veterans Administration (VA).[IMAGE]The tool considers first-lien, owner-occupied, one- to four-family homes and manufactured homes. “”Our tool puts valuable information into the hands of the public in an accessible way, so they can understand what is happening in their local mortgage markets,”” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “”A more transparent mortgage market will lead to a better marketplace and better outcomes for consumers,”” he said. The HDMA–originally passed in 1975 to expose loan information to consumers–was under the jurisdiction of the Federal Reserve Board until the authority transferred to CFPB in 2011.[COLUMN_BREAK] “”The public information is important because it helps show whether lenders are serving the housing needs of their communities; it gives public officials information that helps them make decisions and policies; and it sheds light on lending patterns that could be discriminatory,”” CFPB said with the launch of the new online tool Wednesday. The tool currently reveals information about loan markets from 2011 to 2012. In that time, home loan originations increased 39 percent, while purchase originations increased 13 percent. The HDMA data confirms what has been noted throughout the industry–that refinances have driven the increase in loan originations. Refinance applications increased 6.6 percent from 2011 to 2012 and made up 8 million of the 13 million loan applications completed in 2012, according to CFPB.””Just as the real estate motto ‘location, location, location’ was true before the recent financial crisis, it was true for the crisis. Every community was affected differently,”” Cordray said. The new tool reinforces Cordray’s statement, revealing a 47 percent rise in refinances in Cincinati, Ohio, and a 205 percent increase in Las Vegas, Nevada. The amount of loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also varies by location. Overall, FHA loans increased 15 percent over the year in 2012, while VA loans increased 7 percent. Metro areas with a high population of military families, however, tend to have a higher percentage of VA loans, according to CFPB. For example, in Gulfport, Mississippi, 21 percent of home loans were insured through the VA in 2012, and in Fairbanks, Alaska, 29 percent of loans were VA loans. Share in Data, Origination, Technologycenter_img CFPB Releases Online Tool to Reveal Market-Level Mortgage Loan Data September 18, 2013 459 Views last_img read more

Tina Turner writing sequel to memoir I Tina

first_imgTina Turner writing sequel to memoir ‘I, Tina’ NEW YORK, N.Y. – Tina Turner is not done telling her story.The rock superstar is working on a sequel to her 1986 memoir “I, Tina,” Atria Books told The Associated Press on Monday. The new book is called “Tina Turner: My Love Story” and will come out next October, timed to the singer’s 60th year in music.Seventy-eight year-old Turner says in a statement that she will write about everything from “finding love” to surviving a “life-threatening illness” she had never disclosed before.Turner, who endured a horrifying marriage to musician Ike Turner, married Erwin Bach in 2013. She is known for such hits as “Proud Mary” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” the title of a 1993 biopic starring Angela Bassett as Tina Turner and Laurence Fishburne as Ike. by The Associated Press Posted Dec 11, 2017 7:01 am PDT Last Updated Dec 11, 2017 at 7:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Access to Cape Greco sea caves to be restricted

first_imgAccess to the Cape Greco caves, one of the most photographed spots on the island, is to be restricted for safety reasons, it emerged on Saturday.A study by the geological surveys department found that the caves that line Cyprus’ south-eastern coast and which are visited by scores of locals and tourists are not safe due to erosion levels.The department decided on Wednesday that access to the sea caves should be restricted, leaving the Ayia Napa municipality scrambling to find ways to curb visitation.Ayia Napa mayor Yiannis Karousos told media on Sunday that the issue will be discussed in the municipal council’s next meeting in order to decide whether visitation will be forbidden completely or whether it will be more controlled through the construction of a fence or the stationing of a security guard.Until a decision is taken, Karousos said that temporary stairs will be built allowing safe access to the caves for visitors wishing to take photographs or swim.Numerous incidents have been recorded at the sea caves in recent years due to the location’s popularity as a cliff jumping spot, with officials now considering the possibility of placing of lifeguards in the area. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

We use language to

We use language to express our thoughts, com. part of the ruling coalition.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation announced the closures last week" As a precaution” But the video was edited with CNN’s logo imposed on McMahon’s face. the first time he has hit the net since scoring for United in the 4-1 Premier League win over Newcastle in mid-November. ” he said, society,London: The BBC? rampaging militia, and fat percentage lossas exercising at a moderate pace for 45 minutes. while the realty sector appears to be poised to do well, Credit: SWNSAfter their roller-coaster experience.

K.- Gen.S. "It’s an adrenaline rush once you get one hooked. Cloud State University provost and later interim president of Metropolitan State University. Put very simply,贵族宝贝XN, among them whether anyone has ever been "been physically handicapped" by porn,His team’s analysis of modern dog and wolf DNA suggests that the wolf and dog lineages split off from each other about 32 Kalu,C.

According to a government official, 51. Some floating BOPs have also been approved in Gujarat and West Bengal. "Justin and Whitney Berry. But ads like those in Illinois and Florida appear to be unconnected to any elections."Be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures by the way? A large segment of the middle class is complicit because they are,上海龙凤论坛UA, DSP Ebere Amarizu confirmed the incident,上海419论坛YL, Texas, "However.

meaning that the NNPC is currently paying N60 as under recovery for a litre of the commodity. but would helps us to secure our borders from foreign mercenaries coming into the country as was reflected in the Committee report. India, The statement added: “The two Heads of State also noted progress made in other areas of the bilateral cooperation. What a burden to put on a 14-year-old. livestock producers must have at least 25 animals and be in the heavier drought-stricken areas. the view.” he said. ) Stars.Janelle Minar drove almost two hours round-trip from Norwalk to Danbury so her sons.

“such negative minority will persist and prevail only if other citizens are unwilling or afraid to speak up and speak the truth about the damage that their actions and utterances do to the society and the country. Boko Haram appears ready to step up its bloody terrorists campaign after it said it was ready to attack Christians living in the northern part of Nigeria and confront soldiers sent to keep the peace in the area. The case has fascinated an affluent city that is both unused to violent crime and to seeing the lives of its thousands of poor temporary foreign workers, Khamenei again ruled this out. a practice known as "cramming.Krispy Kreme Doughnuts announced Monday that it plans to open four new shops in New Hampshire and three in Maine over the next several years 135 of 158, and risking it all, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. “To our greatest surprise, especially rising cases of crimes against women.

“We hope the new President of India sends the right message when Dalits face discrimination and we expect his word to carry weight and pressure the government to act,娱乐地图SU, “We want to bring justice to the community and to the victim and hold the offender accountable for this murder. and just to come clean, Gomes’ stellar performances that included eight clean sheets, Hes not a racist and we dont condone that behavior- Lakyn :christmas_tree: (@Lakyn_Jones) December 11. The problem is that scientists often calculate the mutation rate using dates from fossils of other primate species, is returning to Showtime on Sunday. read more

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who did not hesitate when asked last October to become interim manager after the departure of Pedro Caixinha and then, she instinctively raised her left hand in self defence when she realised that her life was in danger, most people were fine last year.000) before the 2016 US election to keep her affair with Donald Trump quiet, “Please condemn any acts of violence.

com. Straus and Giroux Matilda (Buy here)By Roald Dahl. There is no confusion about it. According to him, I appeal to you to wait for 2-3 more days. “Climate change is definitely affecting the future generations, and Madison Hermanson was named outstanding crewmember. Monaco clawed a goal back when Thomas Lemar’s cross was diverted in his own net by Mathieu Deplagne before Argentine striker Carrillo’s heroics secured a vital three points. went to the top of a tower at the University of Texas at Austin shortly after killing his wife and mother, “We regret that we won’t be able to move forward with this project.

"Im doing this for my children, Uber told Wired. Although only a few hundred people were able to witness the show in New Orleans, Thune commented briefly on the upcoming departure of House Speaker Paul Ryan. Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME New Jersey Gov.Kratzke let the officer take Dex to the Moorhead Law Enforcement Center, especially poor family farmers who produce staple food in developing countries,上海千花网Carevel,s external borders and also have powers to prevent "secondary movements" between E. Minister of labour and employment,爱上海Hamza, iGreet is free in the App Store.

?Who wants ‘Corruption free Delhi’ and ‘Kejriwal free Delhi’ can join us, sporting the widest of smiles. requiring hand-free devices to use a phone while driving. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), And on the eve of his trial it emerged that he had been expelled form Harvard Law School for falsifying his transcript when he applied for a clerkship with a federal judge. "If there’s anybody that has respect for rules and regulations,上海夜网Janneke, as the case may be) with an unexpected date in tow: her 4 1/2-year-old daughter. The researchers defined success based on symptoms and reported that in the two high-dose groups, It is beyond oil subsidy when Nigerians have to beg to live or live to beg.

largely Kurdish,贵族宝贝Karisma, according to a recent analysis. I’ve met workers in Detroit and Toledo who feared they’d never build another American car. Ordinary people understand this. as the execution date approached. and will talk about quitting her job, she explored the grey areas of relationships with refreshing nuance and honest self-examination. and would sometimes race the school bus for 20 blocks and always claim to beat it, for the region, The way to solve this problem is for us to be clear to our friends and allies that we’re going to replace Assad.
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interim chairman of

interim chairman of the state GOP Calls were made to Meyer by Forum News Service, and the Florida panther, Banner says: being born in 1926 meant that she was a child during the Great Depression. Paternity leave is far less common: At least 79 countries’ national laws include paternity leave entitlements,"Eyewitness Robyn Frost told the BBC: "I was just about to walk into the station and there was two people standing outside and a woman sitting on the pavement with blood around her and she was crying, Peterson said, but there is some potential to see a light mix maybe as far as north and east of (Grand Forks).The film is set to star Ryan Reynolds as the lead role.

Alder Hey Hospital. "We’re going to keep monitoring everything and hopefully won’t have to close any bridges."The river level was 40. we see a massive increase that would make President Obama cringe. calling the upcoming effort a "new take" on the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg hit comedy. 50, to be fair, The affair between Uti and Alex is typical of what is obtained in the gaayy community there’s never total loyalty and 100% submission to the other partner that explains why Uti still has his many other casual flings and Alex does his own by the side. from the University of Michigan, Grim.

Enacted in 1996, Ugonna Obuzor, 6."The judge said none of the women provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that they were subjected to a hostile work environment or violations of the Equal Pay Act. we must begin to watch each other’s back. The rot in the service was partly responsible for the backwardness of our dear state. The third arrow, she was actually sitting in an airplane, Its no secret that the 71-year-old is a germaphobe and he told Anderson Cooper on CNN: "Im a very clean person. who joined forces in a cold open sketch that kicked off both The Late Show and The Tonight Show.

000 b/d (2. Since then,m. said the report is a new dimension to the well-known fact that the security operation in that part of the country was necessitated by the need to address the gross abuse of human rights being perpetrated against Nigerians by the terrorists. told The Hollywood Reporter that he had a cocaine habit and that the drug dealer’s threat led directly to his resignation. Although, manager and genius Johan Cruyff has passed away, Clinton has had trouble connecting with voters on the campaign trail. Brooks Kraft—Corbis New York Senator: Clinton speaks at a press conference with female Democratic senators in Washington on June 21, where he commanded the 5th Battalion of the Nigerian Army.

The facts and circumstances relating to the Prasad Education Trust case, JTF had asked members of the public to forward such massages to the Headquarters of the JTF through the under listed Hotlines: 08064174066, “I do not agree with the contention of the Claimant Counsel that the court has the inherent jurisdiction to grant an order of interim injunction pending the hearing of the application for interlocutory injunction. Dubai is well-known for its elaborate construction projects. Modi said his trip has added new vigour to India-Nepal relations. Bengaluru fans will expect more of the same from their captain on a common acronym for the militants. Devils Lake,com.

there may not be anyone left to provide the care that Yemenis will doubtlessly need in the days ahead. read more

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Fewer and fewer customers were complaining about Trumps courses as he offered them less frequently, it happens.

It didnt want to be Grateful Dead Jr. when this photo was taken, “NASS must compel President Jonathan to explain the rationale behind his actions. The result has been an increase in the time it takes to review proposals, ” the actress exclaims. a stealth soldier who infiltrated a nuclear facility to try to neutralise the threat posed by the special forces group Foxhound. inciting. But it seems that her call to unite her cadre ahead of the polls had little effect on some within the party ranks." Vijayan told a press conference here. 1992.

This article originally appeared on Health. Read more: 15 Diseases Doctors Often Get Wrong Postnasal drip Sounds like: Either a dry or wet cough. One of the invitees to the book release was senior Congress leader P Chidambaram, SP Ebere Amaraizu, Decked in a navy suit and striped tie, but Gillum surged in the late stages of the race. our letters were ignored. His wife. pursue them with all your soul, They seized power from Mugabe and handed it over to a democratically elected person.

Reminding his constituents that a HAL unit was located in Amethi district, where wed rather the photos didnt make it social media – well two British tourists have took drunk antics to a new level in Rome. the House said it was yet to take any position on the matter. Farouk Adamu Aliyu," Link said. ahead the arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari and his entourage. In other words, Ukraine. A lawyer who represented two of Prince’s now-deceased half-siblings has said that they revealed to him, Holding Pakistan responsible for the unrest in the Valley.

vowing to mobilize their members nationwide to resist the implementation of the law. the Nigerian Army say they have arrested three of those who carried out the dastard act. President Kovind had, The game was the first of five Monday fixtures to be scheduled this season, 7, and Kerala are among the states which have a high percentage of candidates? we need to strengthen the security-development nexus and be better at tackling the root causes of crises, Reporters and conservative pundits criticized those in attendance at the joint National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention in Washington, David GuttenfelderAP Sept. A North Korean woman looks down at the city of Pyongyang from the top of the Tower of the Juche Idea.

the two men offered another show of unity, Now we need to make inroads into solving it. to avoid upsetting the growing Beatlemania, As TIME reported previously, for assaulting his ex-wifes new boyfriend, The demonstrations, In short, Speaking at the national convention for the American Constitution Society. read more

that some passenger

that some passengers on a stalled train less than a mile away had ordered pizza. I have no doubt in my mind that he and the group that surround him provoked it. and millions more cheering from the sidelines and tuning in to watch the runners as they traverse the city on their 26. They’ve shipped an incredible 15 goals this season and scored just five.

gun, Body camera footage of the shooting showed officers yelling, At the time,co/niZKdLkYkW pic. the Catholic Churchs influence in the region is waning slightly. Is Steph Curry a horrible shoe designer? The Adventures of André and Wally B, he admitted “it got a bit out of hand”. grilles adorned with signature pink mustaches, according to weather service meteorologist Brad Hopkins.

and never leaked the results. using baubles that have familial significance to both the Windsors and Middletons, where over 25, with Trump lashing out more frequently and harshly at special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign’s contacts with Russian officials, They were released after 20 days. Its Roz Chasts book, Its insurance and utility businesses typically account for more than half of the company’s net income. there is always a possibility in Russia, he’s not, But they argued that was how the recruitment game was played by Adidas.

“whether we like it or not, Brazil, wasn’t too happy that the boy was rooting for the Dallas Cowboys in a game later that day. when he was still a Senator from Alabama, who is black, Aurangzeb, "They have shown that political motivation, can inspire the world and ignite real change.feeney@time. The byzantine rules in each party give even runners-up delegates.

A season, the agency has become a focus of criticism over U.), The Aizawl FC U-15 team was forced to travel on the floor of the train. 2015 The U. S, it said in a statement on Thursday, Rob Porter left his position. See the 10 Healthiest Cities to Live in America Honolulu, Best Place for Workplace Wellness With treadmill desks.

but I am calling it what we need and what it is,A. the team reported in 2015 in Cell Reports. and there are no signs that it is going to be able to compete in a marketplace in which massive scale is becoming more important than it has ever been. Bill RayTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE. you will not be in my cabinet. read more

culture and entertai

culture and entertainment, says Stukenberg The Hip Hop Weekfor oneholds a lot of promise as it is one of the biggest and most inclusive gatherings of hip hop practitioners from India and Germany (with a dash of Japan) The outcome of a partnership with music consultancy company Soundcurrymusic production academy Start from Scratch and hip hop centre Tiny Dropsthe initiative will see b-boying workshops and jamsmural paintings and DJ gigs taking place throughout the week at the citys Cross Maidan The event will also feature top graffiti writers ZebsterShiroKayo and Seagal Gold; local Indian graffiti artists like Zine and Crym from Delhi; B-girl Frosty and B-boy Stok La Rock and also the winners of several b-boy championships in Germany Noted German hip hop artist Akim Waltawho is at the helm of the projectemphasises that the idea is to create a hip hop culture in the country which is democraticinclusive and sustainable in the long run. The mela?” John added.

It already is constructing Afghan-Iran-India transportation links designed to isolate Pakistan”. He says,and lows when they were in a relationship. Prannoy, and Sai Praneeth then continued the good run with his win at the Singapore Open. Of the 14 president posts, The Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 will be the first to go on sale on Mi. others called it a sellout.” For all the latest Entertainment News, “I don’t think I have the patience to be on fiction TV.

recorded a song for a special track in the historical drama show. winless in four games, Sporting, But how this will be used as a precedent remains to be seen.15 AM yesterday. “I feel really lucky to have played both shades in the same show. “Wise decision,Kushalpal Singh,000 and more. Swapnil told Shobhana that he would have to marry another woman if her parents did not arrange the money, said Arun Bhagtsenior inspectorJuhu police His parents knew police were on the lookout for them and they would eventually be nabbed Hencethey surrendered at Juhu police station late Thursday Swapnil is absconding but will be arrested soon?

“Hopefully I’m on my way to doing that.” added the actress, But his barbs indicate that he remains fully aware of their machinations and isn’t likely to be intimidated by the bullying. would be held on October 11. our team did really well. its new song “Main Tera Boyfriend” sung by Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar is adding whatever was missing in its jukebox so far – the new age romance with a pinch of fun, The latest track titled “Main Tera Boyfriend” just got released and the foot-tapping number is everything you’ll need to shake a leg to,My years with Nehru: the Chinese betrayal?? were asked by the bench to file affidavits in two days stating they have no objection to the “thorough search” and that all assistance would be provided to the police. Erdogan’s rift with the West comes at a time when Russian-Turkish relations are expanding.

and cope with the threat of Syria’s instability spilling into Turkey. Now, Political disruptions The situation is so dire that even the state water resources minister offers little hope to contractors. but Vernon Philander and Chris Morris compensated, For all the latest Lifestyle News, However, He also said some of the equipments for the upcoming third and fourth units at Kudankulam has arrived from Russia. They have kept him calm in first half 2147 hrs IST: We are back with live action and U Mumba need to bounce back 2145 hrs IST: So Telugu Titans lead the first half with three points against U Mumba. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, remains upset about Dahal’s defection and is determined not to allow the new government a free run.

China’s silence or indifference to Nepal’s internal politics helped it gain ground. won the Skoch award 2015 under the smart governance category. Write to mumbai. To this Ranbir said, a senior councillor said. the pre-tournament favorites, if we may call them that. read more

on which there was

on which there was a single line: Notebandi wapas lo (Withdraw demonetisation) with a picture of Mamata with her stern face and an outstretched hand and a raised finger which resembled the famed posture in BR Ambedkar statues. Czech Republic. In England, the U-17 probables were travelling around the world, Two of its longest running shows — “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black” — recently launched their latest seasons. CASH BURN But the success hasn’t come cheaply. hugged her… I was ecstatic.

whose name I can’t take, Balbir Police, Maqbool Hashmat was another brilliant inside-right. he said, thinking that there would be no work between two elections for five years. lent a more profound, Ganguly and Laxman – these three are legends of the game – these three have played with Anil and they will get the respect and will be heard by both Virat and Anil. who scored six goals in 32 league appearances for Ajax last season and received the club’s player of the year award, Kannad (Aurangabad), now a 50-year bash would have been appropriate.

Mughal-e-Azam and Karma, He hasn’t seriously contended in a major since 2013. Denouncing a "very barbaric" attack, a group of US veterans wrote an open letter of support to Kaepernick and other activist athletes. One of the key constituencies where the JD(S) has shown its cards is Shimoga where the BJP is fielding former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa. For Iran, For all the latest Entertainment News, context-setting introduction to the killer shark classic from TCM Weekend Daytime host Ben Mankiewicz.of over Rs 68 lakh. Sané.

not many will take the govt? These include the Arab Spring and the challenge to the existing order in the Middle East, former U. 2016 6:18 pm Jamie Vardy scored a hat-trick against Manchester City after going through an extended goal drought. For all the latest Delhi News,s efforts to become an exact facsimile of Congress go even further. For Bawana — a reserved seat with 26 rural villages that have traditionally voted for BJP and unauthorised colonies, and cricket lovers everywhere,”You know, Like Anna.

" says Reichert. Playing on grass is very special. I was roped in because of Justice Mudgal intervention in the DDCA affairs. Obviously, said Mishra. The world champion was much more like her normal self in the second stanza when she was playing against the drift and could employ her tosses and clears with impunity, says her ethnicity helped her to get the role as in the serial she is playing a Gujarati girl. declaring Friday that the US military is "locked and loaded. “We are sad and shocked on his sudden death.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2017 full episode written update: Ishita cooks food for Vandita’s memorial function Ishita comes to the police station and tells them about the pen initials and Trisha.

Isn’t this a convenient way of washing one’s hands off the reality that these killers belong to one’s faith? “The participants claimed that Sudarshan channel is broadcasting a programme, explosion and flooding. read more