About Shanghai dragon SEM marketing optimization and error term thinking

3, through the love of Shanghai index saw Shanghai dragon optimization the word index of nearly 1000

in 80 on Marketing optimization !

two, in those things about love, love the Shanghai weight index, the conversion rate of Shanghai had to say, Shanghai dragon blog love Shanghai love Shanghai weight index and some thoughts of love, and the recent Shanghai official for the love of Shanghai weight are a reminder of Shanghai dragon Er statement must have some ability to judge, for example some derivatives have the software may be out of the brush, the related industries and individuals is the wrong guide read more

Teach you how to build a reasonable station Shanghai dragon to improve website ranking

website positioning core keywords not more than 5. The title core keywords not more than three, so is the content page, page list, remember don’t stack, the rest of the word segmentation, keywords, can use the description to fill.

I think we do stand regardless of their own independent development program, is used for the existing CMS program website, are to do home page, list page, page template, for this, will talk about the construction of Shanghai Longfeng station. First in terms of many ER in Shanghai Longfeng do ZhengZhan optimization make times of weakness. read more

Some experience outside the chain in the forum blog bookmarks


bookmark more practical, more popular are: bones, QQ, good net, home network, music collection, peas, bag, bag, WONG, 360 Qihoo Social Library…… to find these resources easily, the search engine is a very good tool. One by one the registration, then use it to send some Kung Fu, and every blog, bookmarks, forum has the special characteristics of Post Bar, their own. Do Shanghai dragon of the chain, it is important that we do not let the characteristics of the resource itself cause problems for our work, but turned them into advantages, make use of. The following is my practice for more than a year to get the notes, do not mind here and share with you. read more

Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive diagnosis website home page first

first, I have made the most mistakes, people have inertia, always want to be lazy, therefore, in the web site update, I wouldn’t spend too much time, because it does a lot of things, sometimes really busy, so the website contents are pseudo original, or is directly collected, but after A5 Shanghai dragon group optimization diagnosis, website content even if the original is false, I will ensure high quality valuable content to users, otherwise, I will not release, but in the off time, I basically every day the original content. This is the original high quality pseudo original as I will do the work now. read more

Three keywords Tao Tao return net and you go into the details of the website below

Keywords: Keywords:

trading transaction keyword refers to the users have more obvious intention to buy keywords, these words are similar to the long tail keywords mentioned above, such as the "51" TV promotion ", which website has the cheapest good quality intelligent mobile phone", this word every day will be a lot of search, according to statistics the amount of search and navigation, such kind of keyword keyword similar, about the search about the amount of 10%. This kind of key business value is relatively large, the user has completed the comparison and study of goods, only in the Internet looking for sellers from trading, just a step away, so the conversion rate is high. Therefore, in the optimization of this kind of keywords, can consider the production of a special. The priority placed on the highest, at the same time, the distribution of keywords to be very clear on the page, it is best able to guide users to buy the page in the shortest time. Keywords such as the transaction is many users to search for: read more

How to operate the network advertising business modelJingdong logistics becomes independent the brig

Jingdong logistics is the guarantee for the realization of the strategy of the Jingdong, which is also a great way to the beast, a huge cost.

is mainly to determine the basis for the Jingdong, after years of development, the platform business volume has reached a considerable scale, increasingly diverse, ecological effects began to release, internal settling down technology, logistics, finance and other infrastructure services, there has been a significant spillover effect, it will need plenty of service ability of independent, extends to the broader market. read more

Scindapsus attacks future will not be outside the chain of the times

this adjustment, many super chain cheating station and fall, more excellent rankings come up, do not say anything else, said Shanghai dragon industry, "Shanghai dragon names + " ranked in the home of many of the chain are not very fierce, which illustrates the content of love, Shanghai is paying more and more attention, purely content sites can put the rankings on the home page.

of course, the role of the chain is also great, but not to the spam chain, but to be user oriented and high quality of the chain, the chain would not refuse. read more

How to identify the garbage outside the chain

generally irrelevant friendship chain will also be regarded as garbage outside the chain, which for me is also very difficult to understand. But since the search engine said so, it must be careful, this is why the press release is no longer outside the chain of

1, the chain of garbage is often appear in the forum, blog, micro-blog, enterprise supply and demand information, video website, repeat. These links are no significant contribution value. I believe we often see that the chain in this forum, I will not screenshots. read more

June 28 2011 Google PR update PK love Shanghai snapshot

big update included love

www. xx8.cn

2011, Google began to recover PR update. However, I think the Department of orthopedics PR update, a little unusual, there should be more stringent regulations increase than the previous update. Previously, I have a new medical website, before PR update, as long as I do some routine work: keep the update every day, pseudo original original articles to add, add, the website of Shanghai Longfeng structure planning, smooth Shanghai dragon related work, update the PR in the noble the baby will be able to achieve PR4. June 28, 2011 PR update this noble baby, let me express my side, a website on-line in early March, PR today updated to 3… Several medical sites are 3. PR. From the original PR4 down PR3, so I based on past experience, preliminary estimates, the estimated PR update adds some strict regulations. Of course, this is only my one-sided estimates, for reference only. read more

Google search fails search what show accident scene photos Figure

needs to be pointed out that, although Google search shows repeated accident photos, but did not affect the normal user’s search needs. For example, when a user searches for "Emmys" (Ai Meijiang), the Google search can be displayed with the Emmys related news, but the car accident pictures will appear in the picture at the position of the search results.

user Twitter ask

soon responded that the problem has been fixed. (peak)

if at this time to replace the filter items, will search the web or news to search for "Emmys" pictures, the search results will show some pictures related to "Emmys" in the front, but here is a lot of traffic accident photos. read more

Snapdifference snapshots and search keywords love Shanghai under site

snapshot update more quickly, that content more search engine welcome, the search results, some relatively new station, is a common phenomenon. This is one of the reasons why the visible station electric district big contrast. Rankings.

owners hope that snapshot updates faster, such as updating the website snapshot tomorrow today, the best is there a snapshot of yesterday, such benefits are conducive to the website ranking. If the snapshot update is too slow, have certain effects on the site traffic, because if you search the web site ranking, take more than 10 days to participate in the snapshot algorithm, will also affect the latest articles included. read more

Which websites are not suitable for shlf1314 AdsenseListen to Michael Moritz talk about entrepreneur


comment: here needs to pay attention to it, some people say a word can be summed up: "garbage station does not fit shlf1314!" not necessarily a matter of fact, you can do a professional garbage station, you know, garbage station more, there is content is valuable, for example you can, for a healthy kind of garbage station, or from the garbage station, or the E garbage station, in short, to remember, to do the station on the road, and the difference between professional garbage station station is fuzzy, apply the old adage: Infernal Affairs website paper by 5188! Money net www.5188ptc.cn feeds read more

Love Shanghai to modify the details get both praise and blame

[6, 7]. In 2012 8, three months, love Shanghai search engine engineers because update algorithm, especially busy busy busy confused and disoriented out of order. In August 31st, Shanghai love update algorithm has finally come to an end. Idle engineers began to idle so awful, and on the revision of the details.

loves Shanghai most of the engineers is not romantic, they would rather have nothing, also do not want to go home with his wife – code is their loyalty, and never betray the lover. So they began to love Shanghai to modify the details, from Logo to Shanghai’s love, search results change Title URL, then to search keywords related recommendation, Xiamen Shanghai dragon consultant Xiaoxiang Yu Wen believes that love Shanghai modify the details intention is good, but the modification is not thorough enough, enough heart, eventually to people leave a thankless task, get both praise and blame the joke. read more

The old owners from Shanghai recently love the revelation of the adjustment algorithm

The original

to update has been a core word webmaster, adhere to the development of website, has firmly execution, adhere to the long-term development of the site and so on are closely linked to a "stick", many webmaster site updates will give up in the face of setbacks, one or two are trivial, but long time does not meet the site update or intermittent update, then the site in the search engine weight will be lower, and the algorithm of adjustment for many webmaster pain, some long time not update the site is down right and I love Shanghai, the website is updated every day, in the search engine adjustment in the search engine recognition. read more

Lu Guofu how much do you know the word

the Google magic compass tool

What is the role of the long tail word

to an industry, we will choose some popular word as the site of the main key words, there is no doubt that popular keywords competition is already one of the Red Sea, and according to the law of 28, ranking behind the site to bring traffic is very small, so this time we can avoid these popular keywords, can choose some bring to a website targeted, high conversion words, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization goal is to maximize the benefits. read more

Read about that original feeling

this is a method I often use the first acquisition of an article. For example, to write articles on the construction site, you can collect an article on the website construction of knowledge or information of the article, and then copy them down again, some completely in their own language.

pseudo original webmaster afraid? If you still do it, so I suggest and bother to pseudo original, not to direct acquisition. The author of the 贵族宝贝gscpp.net website, the website mentioned here, many of which are collected articles, but although the website was not very good rankings, but at least will not be hit, but this web traffic is also very good. If the station optimization and the chain is awesome, so one can get good rankings. But the acquisition over the case, the website will also suffer. So, to do a good job and ultimately to the original site. The author gave a blow to share some of the skills to create original content. read more

Guiyang Shanghai Longfeng company uniforms customized optimization of 3 issues need attention

many are not familiar with the Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster, in the choice of keywords when thinking about multi wide, no matter what the content on the website. If you want to know the keywords and website content is not consistent, so is not to give you any traffic, but also the weight of keywords useful for dilution. So your website ranking is how can not do it, so you do keyword must be selected with the content of the web site keywords.

visit: Guiyang: 贵族宝贝0851xiaofu贵族宝贝 uniform reproduced please indicate, thank you. read more

Love Shanghai know experts the promotion of the site a good helper

experts and experts or a little difference, but both need to upload the expert qualification scanning, some agency experts still have to fill in the company, such as the work unit, the website domain name, logo, business license, the application is likely to hinder you expert qualification scanning, because it requires to upload the relevant qualifications proof of scanning, such as the translator training certificate, etc., through the authentication is possible only through the application, the general time for a week, but a lot of friends for relatively long time, about a month can be successful certification. read more

Note collection rules set

Figure two:

in this increasingly impetuous society, more and more people expect things to become more relaxed, more and more easily. Especially for the ever-changing Internet, need time to digest the things don’t fit. Take the website operation, complete the original article although the website optimization ranking has very good help, but most of the website’s writing ability is not high, regular time limit, coupled with the theme, through the original and hope fully manual operation and optimization of a website is a very difficult thing. Especially for some information websites, mall website, video website, such pages more content updates faster site requirements, regardless of the content or Construction issued by the chain is a huge and complex task, completed by hand both time and cost are not cost-effective. Therefore, sometimes we need to use some auxiliary tools. The acquisition tool is one of them. read more

August 27th love Shanghai large scale ventilation 90% site crash made Tucao

We then went on to talk about Chinese finishing Art

(August 27th) yesterday afternoon, in the webmaster group are not difficult to see the webmaster Tucao, love Shanghai today convulsions smoke, most of the sites included crash. In the group you have to check your site indexed, indeed, not included, too horrible to look at. Recently the government estimates and arrested several leaders about Navy network.

content: www.ywen贵族宝贝.cn

this morning, Shanghai love love Shanghai. The normal update. Art Chinese and webmaster group of friends were surprised to find that after a night is still not returned to normal. Included scanty. Several webmaster friends asked a webmaster back? A webmaster answer back, yesterday I did not have even home page, this is normal. Laugh: recovery is strange, most owners are not recovered, don’t listen to him. Ask what time to recover, it is home, is not normal. It is not data rollback, nor data loss. The algorithm should be changed. read more