Royals vs Orioles Tops Our List Of Comeback Clashes In League Championship

8. 1989 NLCS: San Francisco Giants (86.3) vs. Chicago Cubs (83.0); harmonic mean 84.6. The Cubs have appeared in the NLCS three times — in 1984, 1989 and 2003 — and all three of those cases appear on this list. However, the 1970s and 1980s, what gets factored into their 1989 WALT score, weren’t quite as bad as some other eras for the franchise. The Giants had reached the NLCS in 1987, but that had come after awful play in the early 1980s. 4. 1969 NLCS: New York Mets (104.5) vs. Atlanta Braves (75.1); harmonic mean 87.4. Before 1969, the Braves hadn’t made the postseason since 1958, when they did so in Milwaukee. But they had been a winning team for most of the 1960s — the high rank of this series is despite them rather than because of them. Instead it was the “miracle” Mets, who had averaged a record of 56-105 between their inaugural year in 1962 and 1968, who went on to win the NLCS and the World Series. The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals meet Friday night in Baltimore for Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, and they’re no strangers to the ALCS. The Orioles will be making their 10th ALCS appearance — only the New York Yankees (15 appearances) and the Oakland A’s (11) have made it more often. Kansas City will be appearing for the seventh time.But both franchises’ glory days came long ago. The Orioles last made the ALCS in 1997 and averaged a 73-89 record between 1998 and last season. The Royals last made the ALCS in 1985 and were respectable for the next few years, but Kansas City had an average record of 68-94 from 1996 to 2013.How unusual is it for two such moribund franchises to get their act together and meet in the League Championship Series?In baseball, there’s a precedent for pretty much everything — so there are some other examples like this, such as the Seattle Mariners and Cleveland Indians in 1995. Still, the Orioles-Royals series qualifies as being as underdog-y as any other since the ALCS and NLCS began in 1969.To identify cases in which two franchises with long losing track records met in the LCS, I took a weighted average of each team’s loss totals for the 20 seasons prior to the year it appeared in the championship series. We can call this figure WALT, for Weighted Average Loss Total. In calculating WALT, the most recent prior season is given a weight of 20, while a season from 20 years ago is given a weight of one. (Loss totals are prorated to a 162-game schedule.)Then I took the harmonic mean of the WALT score for the two teams to appear together in each LCS. The harmonic mean places more emphasis on the lower of the two values. What this means is that a series will rank higher if both teams have been bad, as in the case of the Orioles and Royals, rather than if one has been awful while the other has been OK.Here are the 10 most underdog-y championship series as rated by this measure:10. 2007 NLCS: Colorado Rockies (87.8 WALT) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (81.8 WALT); harmonic mean 84.4. The 2007 NLCS featured the novelty of two 1990s expansion teams facing each other. But the Diamondbacks had gotten off to a quick start, winning the World Series in 2001. The Rockies had struggled more, having reached the playoffs just once before 2007. 7. 2002 ALCS: Minnesota Twins (86.7) vs. Anaheim Angels (83.7); harmonic mean 85.2. The Twins won the World Series in 1987 and 1991, but they were terrible for most of the intervening seasons before making the playoffs again in 2002. The Angels had been following their usual Atlanta Hawks-esque pattern of being slightly below .500 and never making an impact in the playoffs. In fact, 2002 was their first postseason appearance since their classic series against the Red Sox in 1986. 2. 1984 NLCS: San Diego Padres (91.7) vs. Chicago Cubs (87.2); harmonic mean 89.4. This has been a painful list for Cubs fans. The ball that went through Leon Durham’s legs in the decisive fifth game of the 1984 NLCS is not remembered as well as a similar play by Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series (or the Steve Bartman incident in 2003). But it was every bit as consequential; the error improved the Padres’ probability of winning the series by 20 percent — about as much as Buckner’s play did given that the Mets and Red Sox still had a seventh game to play. However, the Padres rank as the slightly worse team by WALT: 1984 was their first playoff appearance and just the second time they finished with a winning record. 2014 ALCS: Kansas City Royals (92.1) vs. Baltimore Orioles (87.7); harmonic mean 89.8. It’s almost certainly just a coincidence, but the other series on this list have given us more than their fair share of extraordinary moments. Here’s hoping the Orioles and Royals will give us a few more. 9. 1982 ALCS: California Angels (85.1) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (83.7); harmonic mean 84.4. The Angels had been mediocre rather than awful for most of the 1960s and 1970s; they’d reached the ALCS only once before (in 1979) but also never lost more than 95 games in a season. The Brewers were terrible from 1969 (when they began as the Seattle Pilots) to 1977 but were due for a breakthrough by 1982, having posted winning records in each year from 1978 to 1981. 6. 1991 NLCS: Atlanta Braves (91.0) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (81.0); harmonic mean 85.7. Atlanta and Pittsburgh would meet in the NLCS again in 1992, which is remembered for Francisco Cabrera’s walk-off single. But their 1991 series also went to seven games and featured four games decided by one run. It ranks slightly higher according to WALT since the Braves made the playoffs for just the second time since 1969 — and after having averaged 96 losses per season from 1985 through 1990. 5. 2003 NLCS: Florida Marlins (88.1) vs. Chicago Cubs (85.6); harmonic mean 86.8. Between 1909 and 2002, the Marlins and Cubs won only one World Series between them, and that went, in 1997, to Florida, who had come into existence as an expansion franchise only four years earlier. But the Marlins blew up their roster a year later and had a losing record for the next five seasons before winning the World Series again in 2003. The Cubs, meanwhile, missed their moment in 2003 in about the most painful way imaginable. But don’t worry, bleacher bums: Your team is going to win the World Series in 2015, according to “Back To the Future Part II.” 3. 1995 ALCS: Seattle Mariners (90.0) vs. Cleveland Indians (87.2); harmonic mean 88.6. If I were ranking the series subjectively instead of by a formula, this one would stand out along with Royals-Orioles. The 1995 ALCS fits the template of two notoriously terrible franchises hitting their stride at the same time. The Indians had a winning record just once from 1982 to 1993, and 1995 was their first postseason appearance since 1954. The Mariners had posted a winning record just twice in franchise history and had never made the playoffs before. read more

Meet The Personal Stats Analyst Who Helped Kevin Durant Win The MVP

Personal trainers have been a part of professional sports for decades. Personal data analysts are newer.As a trained mathematician, Justin Zormelo provided Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder with personalized analytics during Durant’s MVP season. And in his most recent undertaking, Zormelo is training a 17-year-old, 7-foot-1-inch Sudan native named Thon Maker. Zormelo’s story is told in the latest “Signals” film from FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films: “By The Numb3rs (With Justin Zormelo),” directed by Jamie Schutz. read more

Dwight Howard Admits His Conditioning Has Cost the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has not looked like the explosive player he was during his time with the Orlando Magic. Howard admitted that his lack of energy and problems with conditioning have cost the Lakers some games.“You’ve got to have energy and I want to bring that energy every night,” Howard told Saturday. “That’s my job. They count on me to be that guy. I know how much more effective I will be when I’m in better shape. And, unfortunately, it’s cost us a lot of games.”Howard acknowledged that he is “not even close” to where he wants to be, but said his conditioning has steadily improved throughout the season after back surgery this summer.“I knew that would be a process. The better shape I’m in, the more active I can be and the more I’m able to do on the floor,” he said. “But it was a struggle at first because I just didn’t have it in the tank, especially on defense.”Howard, who is three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, was forced to take off six months from basketball after surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back last spring. He didn’t return to physical activity until just before the Lakers training camp in October.Howard went on to add that it has been hard to get into shape during the rigorous season and traveling with the team. But he said that he is doing everything he can do to pace himself to get into shape so he can be an offensive and defensive problem for their opponents.“That comes with time,” he said. “But I’m not going to get discouraged. Once I get tired, I’m going to ask for a blow, take a break, then get back out there and go hard again.”The Lakers’ front court is currently suffering with injuries to Jordan Hill and Pau Gasol. Hill is out for the remainder of the season with a hip injury and Gasol is out for at least another month with a foot injury.“There’s no subs so until I get in great shape, some times I have to make sure I don’t risk a dumb foul because I’m out of shape or fatigued,” he said. “I usually can play 45-48 minutes without getting tired. Now after five possessions I’m winded. But all that stuff will come.”Howard promised that if the Lakers continue to play the way they are, then he will be in “pretty good shape” in time for the playoffs, if they make the playoffs.Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has taken notice in Howard’s improvement in his conditioning, which has allowed him to run and execute the pick-and-roll-based offense more effectively.“But now he’s getting in a little bit better shape; he’s getting a better relationship with Steve (Nash) on the pick and roll,” D’Antoni said of Howard. “Now he understands that he can be in every play. We want him in every play and will be big factor in them.”Howard’s play has picked up as his conditioning has progressed. He has had two double-doubles in the last two games. He had 24 points and 12 rebounds in Wednesday’s win over the Boston Celtics and 19 points and 16 rebounds in Friday’s win over the Portland Trail Blazers.Howard will have a chance to continue the double-double streak as they take on the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday and try to inch their way into the playoffs. read more

Philadelphia Eagles Riley Cooper Apologizes for Racial Slur

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has been caught on video tape using a racial slur.The footage of the football player at a country music singer Kenny Chesney concert surfaced yesterday. It the short clip, Cooper pledged, “I will jump that fence and fight every n***r here,” at the July show in Philadelphia.“I want to apologize. I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, to [chairman] Jeffrey Lurie, to [general manager] Howie Roseman and to my teammates,” Cooper said in a statement released by the team. “I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.”.Cooper, 25, is currently in his fourth season in the NFL. The wide-out has 46 catches for 679 yards and five touchdowns thus far in his career. read more

Dwyane Wades Life to be Captured in Television Sitcom

Photo by Ebony magazine.Dwyane Wade has gone Hollywood.Fox has purchased the rights to a television sitcom based on his life as an NBA star and single father of two boys. “Three The Hard Way” will feature a character named Daryl Wade. The show is described as Wade and “his entourage of eccentric friends, find themselves parenting by committee, when he gets full custody of his two young sons. It’s a recipe made for disaster, but no matter how misinformed, misguided, or unfit Team Wade may be, they have a trump card that can’t lose. It’s called love.”The plot closely follows Wade’s life and is based on the book he released last year called “A Father First.” Wade has had sole custody of his two sons, Zaire and Zion, since 2010.“Who’s going to play me? I haven’t figured that out yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be somebody handsome,” Wade said. “I just want somebody who’s good.“I will be involved, very involved … to the point where it has enough of what I would like to see from my story. Obviously it’s a comedy, but there will be some things you want to let loose.”Wade said the show would be inspired by some themes of “The Cosby Show.”“I think they’ll be able to pull the comedy out of the dark moments,” Wade said. “That was one thing I kept saying before I sold my story. I want to be able to bring some light into the dark times. I always take off from “The Cosby Show” kind of thing. They always told a lesson at the end of the day. There’s always a story, and comedy in it as well.” read more

Mike Conely Has Humorous Reaction to People Implying His— Josh Sánchez (@jnsanchez) July 20, 2017 Gotta wake bruh up immediately!!— Side Niggas Inc. ⚡️ (@AubryBe2raw) July 20, 2017While such a mockery may have left other people upset, Conley responded by humorously comparing the incident to an episode of “Maury,” where talk show guests learn the paternity of their children. Jokes aside, Conley also maintained Myles was indeed his son in a scrolling Instagram post Thursday, July 20. Mikey Conley has been married to his wife, Mary, since 2014.(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)Biracial children can be born with skin tones that are vastly different from their parents, but one group of Twitter users may not have been aware of that while crafting a post about the son of Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley.The Turf Talk Boys account posted a photo Tuesday, July 18, of Conley with his wife, Mary, and their toddler son, Myles Alex, claiming the child was born as a result of Mary cheating on her husband.Mr. Nice Guy Mike Conley at it again. He stayed with his wife after she cheated on him and had another man’s baby— Turf Talk Boys (@Turf_Talk_Boys) July 18, 2017A flood of reactions buying into the tweet followed.that nigga tripping … hell nah— K A N E U S A (@CardoGotWings) July 19, 2017 read more

The NFL Draft Is Looking More And More Like Signing Day

20120.8954Trent Richardson0.9972 YearAverage RatingPlayerRating 20090.8782Andre Smith0.9994 2019*0.9135Rashan Gary*1.0000 * ProjectedPlayers who weren’t rated in high school were assigned a rating of 0.7.Source: Highest Rated 20100.9020Eric Berry0.9986 20160.9044Robert Nkemdiche1.0000 Everybody will be watching Josh Allen on Thursday night, four years after Allen struggled to find anybody to watch him. The former two-star recruit out of Montclair, New Jersey — now projected to be taken in the top five of the NFL draft — had only one initial Division I offer, from nearby Monmouth. But late in the 2015 recruiting cycle, when Kentucky had missed out on a handful of players and needed bodies, the Wildcats took a flier on Allen and gave him an SEC offer. Allen did the rest, breaking out with 17 sacks last season and winning the Bednarik Award as the country’s best defensive player.How does a 6-foot-5, 262-pound pass rusher end up overlooked? Allen didn’t always fit the mold of a future star. Kentucky’s 2015 roster listed him at just 210 pounds, and he didn’t start playing defensive end until his senior season in high school, after moving from Alabama to New Jersey.There will always be top NFL draft picks who were missed by the high school recruiting ratings. Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz, drafted No. 2 overall in 2016, was unrated out of high school, while Chicago pass rusher Khalil Mack, drafted fifth in 2014, was a two-star recruit like Allen. But those stories are the exceptions — the first round is still filled with players who caught the eye of recruiting websites while still in high school. We looked at the past 10 years of first-round picks and their ratings entering high school and found that players unrated or receiving a rating equivalent to less than three stars averaged just four slots in the first round. And in that time frame, the recruitment ratings of the first-round picks have actually been getting higher overall.These ratings of high school and junior-college players are based on highlight tapes, game stats, observations and recruiting camps. publishes a composite ranking, which averages the ratings from its own site, and A perfect score would be 1.000, with the five-star prospects typically above 0.980. In 2009, the first-round picks averaged a 0.8782 rating in’s composite rankings, which combine the listings from all of the major recruiting services. That average peaked at 0.9156 in 2017. In’s 2019 composite rankings, that jump from 0.8782 to 0.9156 would equate to more than 300 spots (from 549th to 216th). Last year, the first-round average dipped back to 0.8961, the inexact science proven by Baker Mayfield, the other Josh Allen, unrated Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch and pitcher-turned-tight end Hayden Hurst.This year’s projected first round was similarly highly recruited. We isolated the average top 32 picks using mock drafts, and those picks averaged a past recruiting ranking of 0.9135. Only Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, with a recruiting ranking of 0.7898, had a lower score than Allen’s 0.7965 of our projected first round.There were 10 future first-round picks among the top 50 high school recruits in 2014, eight among the top 50 in 2013 and 10 in 2012 — all high marks since 2008. For now, the 2015 recruiting class is off to a good start, after six of the top 50 recruits became first-round picks last spring, three years after graduating high school. Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray and Clemson’s Christian Wilkins are poised to join that group Thursday, pushing the total in the range of 2012-2014.The 2016 class of high school recruits will get started, too, when names like Dexter Lawrence, Rashan Gary, Ed Oliver and Nick Bosa — all juniors — break in. Then comes Alabama sophomore Tua Tagovailoa (most likely) in 2020, and Clemson freshman Trevor Lawrence in 2021. There are still plenty of opportunities for unsung high school recruits like Allen to make their mark in college, but the highly rated players are getting most of the attention in the NFL draft. 20130.8980Sharrif Floyd0.9970 20140.9012Jadeveon Clowney1.0000 20110.9015Julio Jones0.9992 20170.9156Leonard Fournette0.9996 20180.8961Derwin James0.9982 20150.9086D.J. Humphries0.9980 High school stars are getting lots of NFL loveThe average high school recruitment ratings for first-round NFL draft classes since 2009, along with the rating for this year’s class as projected by mock drafts read more

Ohio State mens hockey inching closer to solidifying its leadership

The Ohio State men’s hockey team may have found its season captains at last. Juniors Curtis Gedig and Travis Statchuk and sophomore Ryan Dzingel served as team captains last weekend for the fifth straight series. The contests marked the first games in Columbus since Dec. 15, and the Buckeyes swept the Lake Superior State Lakers to push their record to 10-11-5 overall and 9-6-3-1 in CCHA play. OSU has been rotating captains for the majority of the season, having different members of the team wear the ‘C’ on their chests essentially every two series. As the second half of the season gets under way and the Buckeyes look to put together a string of victories before the CCHA tournament, coach Mark Osiecki said he is close to deciding which of his players will be captains through the end of the season. “We’re getting closer to potentially naming permanent captains,” Osiecki said Wednesday. “We are sticking with the three guys we’ve had. I think they’ve earned that right.” Osiecki also said Gedig, Statchuk and Dzingel have “done a nice job” during their time as captains over the course of January. Dzingel leads the Buckeyes with 10 goals and is second on the team with 13 assists. Those 23 points lead OSU, which beat Lake Superior State 3-2 on Friday and 6-1 on Saturday. The sophomore forward from Illinois has played in every game this season, and he scored the final goal of the weekend against the Lakers while assisting on two others. Statchuk was a late scratch to the game Friday night after falling ill in the afternoon. He and Gedig are two of five juniors on coach Osiecki’s team who see considerable playing time. Statchuk scored his goal of the season against Northern Michigan on Nov. 16, and he is among the team leaders in face-off percentage, having won 43 percent of his 342 attempts. He is tied with Gedig and Dzingel for most games this season serving as captain. Gedig leads OSU defensemen with seven points and scored his second goal of the season Saturday night against Lake Superior State. The junior from British Columbia said he is happy to finally see some home games on the schedule. “I love the (Schottenstein Center), love the atmosphere,” Gedig said. “It’s good because we don’t have to worry about catching up on school because we are traveling.” Osiecki said he feels confident that the leaders on the team will begin to solidify themselves during this upcoming stretch of games, six of which OSU will play at the Schottenstein Center. “We’re getting closer to having some leaders step up in that (locker) room and we’ve talked about that since day one,” Osiecki said. “Guys need to understand that everyone can be a leader in their own way. That’s starting to emerge a little bit better as we move forward.” Gedig said the team needs to come in with the mindset that “it’s already playoffs” and that they are “so close” to breaking out offensively. The Buckeyes’ nine goals against the Lakers over the weekend were tied for the most they had scored in a series all season. Junior forward Alex Szczechura scored his fourth and fifth goals of the season less than four minutes apart on Saturday. He said scoring that many goals will help the team’s confidence for the rest of the season. “We haven’t been the highest scoring team, but this weekend goals were coming all night,” Szczechura said. “So that’s definitely a confidence booster for us.” The effort, Osiecki said, has been there all season, though. “I think our guys have had the right attitude all the way through,” Osiecki said. “We haven’t had to say much during practice, trying to ask them to bring up the level of competitiveness.” Captains for the upcoming weekend series against Notre Dame will be released Wednesday. The Buckeyes are set to host the Fighting Irish at 7:05 p.m. on Friday at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Ohio State mens basketball drops Nebraska with Michigan Indiana looming

The Ohio State men’s basketball team extended its winning streak to four games Saturday night when the Buckeyes defeated Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb., 63-56. The No. 11-ranked Buckeyes advanced to 17-4 on the season and 7-2 in Big Ten play after the win. Nebraska proved to be a much tougher opponent than it was in the teams’ first meeting of the season on Jan. 2, when OSU dispatched the Huskers, 70-44, at the Schottenstein Center. Saturday, Nebraska gave the Buckeyes all they could handle for a good portion of the first half and even led twice. The Buckeyes received sporadic production from junior forward Deshaun Thomas, who scored 15 points but struggled while doing so. The Big Ten’s leading scorer connected on just 6-of-18 shots, as he was constantly double-teamed and harassed by Husker defenders. While Thomas was fairly inefficient with his scoring, Lenzelle Smith Jr. was anything but. The junior guard made all six of his field goal attempts for a game-high and season-high 21 points. OSU’s 15-4 run at the end of the first half, to which Thomas contributed five points and Smith Jr. added two, seemed to drain some energy out of the home crowd and the Huskers, giving OSU the momentum. The Buckeyes carried that momentum into the second half, and expanded their lead to as much as 15 points. But the resilient Huskers would not go away. Nebraska slowly chipped away at OSU’s lead, in large part because of senior center and defensive anchor Andre Almeida. The 6-foot-11, 314-pound Almeida made it difficult for OSU to find easy looks in the paint, and as the Buckeyes struggled to find scores, Nebraska cut the margin to five points with just more than a minute left to play. The Huskers couldn’t knock down a few open shots in the closing minute, however, and OSU put the game away from the free-throw line. Nebraska falls to 11-12 on the season and to 2-8 in Big Ten play. The Buckeyes remain perfect against their newest conference foe. Since the Huskers joined the Big Ten in 2011, OSU is 4-0 against Nebraska. After struggling to put away one of the Big Ten’s bottom feeders, the Buckeyes will now move into what could be their toughest week of the season. OSU is set to play No. 1 Michigan Tuesday in Ann Arbor, Mich., before taking on No. 3 Indiana on Sunday. read more

Womens Gymnastics Ohio State captures first win of the season in homeopener

OSU gymnastics team celebrates senior Kaitlyn Hofland, who earned a career high of 9.925 on uneven parallel bars during 2018 season premiere after recovery from shoulder surgery. She competed against Minnesota and Illinois State Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 at St. John Arena. Credit: Megan Russell | Senior Lantern ReporterThe Ohio State women’s gymnastics team (1-3) seized its first win of the season during its home-opener at St. John Arena against Minnesota and Illinois State Saturday after losing its first three meets of the season on the road. The Buckeyes posted a season-high point total of 196.775, while garnering seven other podium appearances, nine new personal record scores, and three season-best event finishes. Minnesota finished in second with a 195.775 score and Illinois State finishing in third with a 190.875 mark. “This is the meet I’ve been waiting for,” head coach Meredith Paulicivic said. “It’s great to be in St John, it helps that we have already been in here, and [the team] just did their gymnastics tonight. So it was amazing. I’m super happy for them, because that’s what they’re capable of.”In their first event of the night, the Buckeyes posted a season-high 49.075 mark to take the gold on vault. Sophomore Olivia Aepli finished in the top slot with a career-best score of 9.900 while Mattern finished in second with a 9.875 tally. Freshman Morgan Lowe recorded a personal-best 9.850 mark to finish tied at No. 3 with Minnesota’s Lexy Ramler.Also during the first rotation, Illinois State posted a 46.850 score on balance beam while Minnesota scored 48.375 on uneven parallel bars.On its second rotation, Ohio State earned a 98.400 tally on uneven parallel bars to seal another first-place finish. After receiving clearance for competition before the meet, senior Kaitlyn Hofland made her 2018 season premiere on bars. Hofland delivered for her team, garnering a 9.925 score, to take second for the event. “It felt like it was a long wait, but it was worth it waiting to be home first,” Hofland said. “That was my career high, and it was so fun to have that at home.”Freshman Jenna Swartzentruber also set a career high with a 9.900 mark on bars, tying for third place with Ramler. The Buckeyes held first place with a running total of 98.400 midway through the meet, while Minnesota trailed at 97.125 after its second rotation on balance beam. Illinois State sat in third with a 95.575 running score after its performance on floor exercise. Ohio State continued on balance beam with a score of 48.800. Lowe scored a team-high 9.800 to take fifth in the event.Illinois State, dealing with an injury to Kylie Meyer, scored only 47.550 on its third rotation on vault. Minnesota received a 49.550 on floor exercise in its third performance.The Buckeyes closed the meet on the floor with their best collective performance of the night. Almost finishing with a complete 9.900 score-range slate, Ohio State had five athletes earn career-high scores. “I have seen a ton of improvement in their gymnastics,” Paulicivic said. “I said that at the beginning of the year, we hadn’t seen it out on the floor. I finally feel like all the lines and the things they’ve been working on are coming together.”Junior Jamie Stone earned a 9.950 tally to tie for first place with Ramler, while Mattern tied for third alongside Minnesota’s Ona Loper with a 9.925 finish. Mattern scored a season-high 39.375, earning her second place in the all-around competition, while Swartzentruber trailed with a career-best 39.225 score to take bronze. Ramler finished took home the gold at 39.600.“Tonight was one of the most incredible things I have been a part of here at Ohio State,” Mattern said. “There was so much energy, so much positivity, just good vibes all throughout.”Ohio State will be on the road again to compete against Rutgers in Piscataway, New Jersey, at 7 p.m. Feb 3. read more

Worried well really do make themselves ill study suggests

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Doctors should take into account that people who are worried about their health are more likely to get sick Doctors should take into account that people who are worried about their health are more likely to get sick The worried well – people who are anxious they will develop a series illness – really do get sick, researchers have found.A new study discovered that those people who were convinced there was something wrong with them, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, were 73 per cent more likely to develop heart disease within 10 years.Nowegian researchers from the University of Bergen says the finding could leave doctors in a quandry about how best to treat patients, who show no symptoms, but are clearly worried about their health.Dr Line Iden Berge, Division of Psychiatry at Bergen, said: “These findings illustrate the dilemma for clinicians between reassuring the patient that current physical symptoms of anxiety do not represent heart disease, contrasted against the emerging knowledge on how anxiety, over time, may be causally associated with increased risk of disease.”Anxiety is a known risk factor for heart disease, and health anxiety, which describes persistent preoccupation with having or acquiring a serious illness, appears to be no exception say the researchers. The findings are based on a study of 7,052 people in their 50s who were questioned about their health, lifestyle and anxiety. They were followed up over 10 years and within that time those who scored highly on the anxiety tests were nearly twice as likely to have developed heart disease, even when other health conditions, diet and smoking were taken into account.The proportion of those succumbing to heart disease was twice as high (just over 6 per cent) among those who displayed health anxiety compared with around 3 per cent for those.Once the other factors were taken into account, those with health anxiety at the start of the study were 73 per cent more likely to develop heart disease than those who were not in that state of mind, the analysis showed.“Our research further indicates that characteristic behaviour among persons with health anxiety, such as monitoring and frequent check-ups of symptoms, does not reduce the risk of coronary heart disease events,” the authors conclude.The research was published in the BMJ Open. last_img read more

Drinkdriving Demands for tougher penalties as thousands caught over the limit at

first_imgRehabilitation courses for drink-drivers should be urgently reviewed, the AA has insisted after it emerged that more than 8,000 drivers have been caught over the limit at least twice in the past five years.DVLA figures released in response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request also show that hundreds of motorists were prosecuted for drink-driving three or more times between 2011 and 2015.Overall, 219,008 people in mainland Britain were given endorsements on their licence for driving or attempting to drive while above the legal alcohol limit in that time while 8,068 were caught twice. The road safety charity Brake said: “It is appalling that offenders are being allowed to continue driving after being caught drink-driving multiple times.“These are individuals who clearly have no regard for the lives of others. They have been granted ample opportunity to change their behaviour and should face the full force of the law.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Another 449 drivers were banned for drink-driving three times in those four years with dozens caught more than that.Two drivers were even prosecuted for the offence six times.Motorists caught drink-driving face a ban of at least a year, an unlimited fine and in the most serious cases up to six months’ imprisonment.But some are offered places on rehabilitation courses to reduce the length of their disqualification.Edmund King, president of the AA, said: “The fact that more than 8,000 drivers have been caught twice in five years is all the more astonishing when they should have been off the road for a year or more.“The repeat offender figures also suggest that a minority of drivers have a drink problem rather than a driving problem.“Perhaps it is time to review some of the medical checks and rehabilitation courses before allowing these drivers back on the road.” Perhaps it is time to review some of the medical checks and rehabilitation courses before allowing these drivers back on the roadEdmund King, AA presidentlast_img read more

True strength How Londoners have been keeping calm and carrying on after

first_imgLondoners have been showing bravery and calm in the hours after the terror attack which rocked the city.People have been writing inspirational messages on Tube signs, opening their homes, offices and places of worship to those in need and giving out food and tea to emergency service workers.A sign at Oval said: “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength. Evacuate? Well, OK. But this beer cost £6 a pint. I’m taking it with me. #LondonBridge— Andrew Brooks (@taxbod) June 4, 2017 The Telegraph’s Eleanor Steafel spotted supermarket workers near the scene in Borough handing out food to police officers.Two guys from Sainsbury’s on Borough High Street are going around with a pair of trolleys delivering food to police officers. Sainsbury’s staff are bringing sandwiches and snacks to the police #LondonBridge— Alice Ross (@aliceross_) June 4, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. And the local priest brings out tea #LondonBridge— Gawain Towler (@GawainTowler) June 4, 2017 On Saturday night, Sikhs opened their temples to those in need, offering food, shelter and help.Gurdwaras across London were available to those who affected by the attack. Others living in the area also offered their homes as refuge. The awkward moment after you say goodbye to someone and you both walk in the same direction. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling— Sam (@sxmwillixms) June 4, 2017 Finding a free U2 album sitting unasked for in your iTunes library. #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling— Paul Sharp (@Petersbrooking) June 4, 2017center_img And this man made sure he didn’t spill his pint as he ran from terror. People who don’t respect correct tea strength etiquette #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling— Faith Crummack (@FaithCrummack) June 4, 2017 These are the gurdwara in near the incidents if anyone is need of shelter and food or can’t get to their hotel #LondonBridge #BoroughMarket— ਰੌਕੀ ਿਸੰਘ (@RockySingh) June 3, 2017 Writer JK Rowling and others  have hit out at The New York Times for claiming that the UK is “reeling” after the terror attacks in Manchester and London Bridge.Many have pointed out that London and the rest of the UK are mourning their dead but not “reeling” and that life is going on as usual.Some have said that to “reel” and create an atmosphere of fear is what the terrorists want and that to say British people are “cowed” or “reeling” is letting them win.Rowling tweeted. “The thugs who mowed down innocent people would love to think of the UK ‘reeling’ but it isn’t. Don’t confuse grief with lack of courage.”The hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling trended:  Someone standing ambiguously near the back of a queue, but not quite in it.#ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling— SadfaceOtter (@SadFaceOtter) June 4, 2017 Sunday 4th June Thought Of The Day From Oval & Clapham North Stations #LondonBridge #LondonIsOpen— Oval Tube Station (@Oval_station) June 4, 2017 “We’re not open until midday but we just wanted to give them some food because some of them have been working overnight,” one of them said.”We have told them they can use our canteen and toilets if they need to throughout the day.”A local priest gave out tea to police officers. People who stand to the left on the Tube escalator #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling— Olivia Solon (@oliviasolon) June 4, 2017last_img read more

David Davis warns Brussels You cant pick referee for legal disputes after

first_imgDespite the hopes of some in his party, the Brexit Secretary is holding a firm line when it comes to ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice [ECJ]  David Davis will tell the European Union this week it cannot “pick the referee” for legal disputes after Brexit as a new round of talks begin.  In recent days the Government has come under sustained pressure from pro-EU Tory MPs and political opponents to ditch Theresa May’s red line on the ECJ.  Mr Davis has made clear in private he supports… She believes Britain should not be part of any EU-wide body that uses the court as an arbiter, such as ones that regulate the movement of nuclear material or pharmaceuticals across borders. last_img read more

Evidence shows Syria attacked own people with chemical weapons say US UK

first_imgThe Syrian regime used barrel bombs dropped by helicopter in a chemical weapon attack on its own people in the city of Douma, according to the US, France and Britain yesterday.Justifying the decision to mount air strikes against Syria the three governments laid out evidence that the regime had used chemical weapons in the attack earlier this month, which opposition activists, rescue workers and medics say killed more than 40 civilians.In a statement the White House said: “Multiple government helicopters were observed over Douma on April 7, with witnesses specifically reporting a Mi-8 helicopter, known to have taken off from the Syrian regime’s nearby Dumayr airfield, circling over Douma during the attack“Numerous eyewitnesses corroborate that barrel bombs were dropped from these helicopters, a tactic used to target civilians indiscriminately throughout the war. Photos of barrel bombs dropped in Douma closely match those used previously by the regime. These barrel bombs were likely used in the chemical attack.”The Prime Minister told a hastily arranged press conference at Downing Street, called within hours of the missile strikes, that all evidence pointed to the regime of Bashar al-Assad being responsible for the earlier attack on civilians. Children from Douma arrive in the Al-Bab district of Aleppo, Syria on April 11, four days after the chemical attack on their home city   Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Children from Douma arrive in the Al-Bab district of Aleppo, Syria on April 11, four days after the chemical attack on their home city  Credit:Anadolu Agency The World Health Organization said it had received reports from its local “health cluster partners” of 43 deaths related to symptoms consistent with “exposure to highly toxic chemicals”. “The Opposition does not operate helicopters or use barrel bombs. And reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials co-ordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in Douma on 7th April.”The Prime Minister also indicated there was other intelligence based evidence which she was unable to share with the public, saying: “I cannot tell you everything.”France has also said it has similar proof that “chemical weapons were used in the attack – at least chlorine – and that they were used by Bashar al-Assad’s regime.The Syrian government denies the claims, and its key ally Russia said it has “irrefutable evidence” that the incident was “staged” with the help of the UK. A picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on April 14, 2018, shows children standing next to a motorcycle in the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma, after Syrian government forces entered the last rebel bastionCredit:AFP Mrs May said: “Open source accounts allege that a barrel bomb was used to deliver the chemicals. Multiple open source reports claim that a Regime helicopter was observed above the city of Douma on the evening of 7th April. The attack on Douma, the last rebel-held town in the Eastern Ghouta region, started on April 6, after negotiations between the rebels and the government stalled.The bombardment continued into a second day, with dozens of people reportedly killed or injured by conventional munitions before the suspected chemical attack.Activists from the Violations Documentation Center (VDC), which records violations of international law in Syria, reported two separate incidents of bombs believed to contain toxic substances being dropped by the Syrian Air Force.The first was at 16:00 (13:00 GMT) on the Saada bakery on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab street in north-western Douma. A picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on April 14, 2018, shows children standing next to a motorcycle in the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma, after Syrian government forces entered the last rebel bastion The VDC said the second incident took place near Martyrs’ Square, at approximately 19:30.At 19:45, more than 500 patients – mostly women and children – were brought to medical facilities with symptoms suggesting exposure to a chemical agent, according to the Syria Civil Defence and the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).They showed signs of “respiratory distress, central cyanosis (blue skin or lips), excessive oral foaming, corneal burns, and the emission of chlorine-like odour”, according to a joint statement issued on Sunday.Rescue workers searching homes in the affected area also found the bodies of people with oral foaming, cyanosis, and corneal burns, the statement added. France’s intelligence services said they analysed witness accounts, photos and videos that appeared on specialized websites, in the press and on social media in the hours and days following the attack.They showed a massive influx of patients in health centres in Eastern Ghouta with symptoms consistent with exposure to a chemical agent. The VDC cited a rescue worker from the Syria Civil Defence as saying he smelt chlorine in the air after the strike, but that he could not determine its source.”We later discovered the bodies of people who had suffocated from toxic gases. They were in closed spaces, sheltering from the barrel bombs, which may have caused their quick death as no-one heard their screams,” he added.last_img read more

University student feared to be tenth in Bristol to take own life

The University of Bristol A university student in Bristol is feared to have taken his own life, which would make him the tenth undergraduate in the city to do so in 18 months.Popular Alex Elsmore, who was in his 20s, was a fourth-year Electrical and Engineering student at Bristol University.It is understood he fell from a bridge in Bristol on Saturday, April 21. His death is not being treated as suspicious.Mr Elsmore is the eighth student from University of Bristol believed to have taken their own lives in the last 18 months.A further two students from the city’s other university, UWE, are also believed to have died in the same way.Inquests into the deaths of the students before found none of them was linked. A University of Bristol spokesman said: “We have been informed of the sudden death of one of our students, Alex Elsmore, a fourth year Electrical and Engineering student.”We have spoken to Alex’s family, who have requested privacy at this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with them.”We are not aware of any suspicious circumstances surrounding his death and the coroner will hold an inquest in due course.” Bristol University has been undergoing a review of its student health services, putting some £1million into its mental health and wellbeing provision. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The University of BristolCredit:Olaf Protze/Getty Images read more

Army of middle class England fans descends on Nizhny Novgorod ready for second

Travelling England fans have never been so middle-class. Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the Volga once so sensitive it was ‘closed’ to visitors in Soviet times, was laid siege on Saturday by a small army of England fans made up of lecturers, chartered accountants, investment bankers, company CEOs and the like. Back home, millions of people will party as if it was 1966. Pubs are predicting the biggest ever Sunday drinking session while the BBC audience is anticipated to hit 25 million, four million more than watched the opening win against Tunisia. Record amounts of beer will… Or at least that’s how it appeared in bright and sunny Nizhny ahead of England’s second World Cup game against lowly Panama. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Falling numbers of migrants creating shortage of skilled workers in Britain

“This has heightened recruitment difficulties for some employers. It also underlines the risk that more non-UK-born citizens and employers will be discouraged from using the post-Brexit system if more support is not provided and it is not made simpler, fairer and more affordable; especially for lower-skilled roles.”Against the backdrop of a tight labour market, failure to do this will heighten recruitment difficulties and could lead to negative consequences for existing staff, such as higher workloads, and loss of business or orders for firms.”Alex Fleming of the Adecco Group added: “The labour market in the UK is tight and this research is reporting increasingly high levels of recruitment and retention difficulties.”While the data is not showing wages rising across the board, we are regularly seeing this pressure being exerted in the recruitment space.” The shortage of skilled workers is getting worse amid a “sudden reversal” in the numbers of EU and non-EU migrants in employment in this country, according to a new report.Research among more than 1,000 employers suggested that vacancies were becoming harder to fill.The squeeze on skills is leading employers to increase pay rates, said the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Adecco Group.Their report said the shortage of workers is being driven by a falling interest among migrants wanting to work in the UK.Gerwyn Davies, of the CIPD, said: “The data implies that the pendulum has swung away from the UK as an attractive place to live and work for non-UK-born citizens, especially non-EU citizens, during a period of strong employment growth and low unemployment. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Ecigarettes are creating a generation of nicotine addicts top scientists warn

E-cigarettes are creating a generation of nicotine addicts, top scientists warn, as they accuse Public Health England of “walking around with blinders on”.   E-cigarettes are hotly debated by health experts, with some viewing them as an effective quit smoking device while others are concerned that they have become a popular accessory for young people. Teenagers are at particular risk from vaping due to the effects of nicotine on brain development, one leading academic in the field has said. The scientists’ intervention come as the head of Britain’s biggest quit smoking clinic says that children as young as 14 are now seeking help treatment for addiction to vaping. PHE has thrown its weight behind… read more

Manchester man stabbed to death on his own doorstep

Police at the scene in Wythenshawe An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “I thought they were just punching each other, at first I didn’t realise he had been stabbed.”Another resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “He was attacked right on his doorstep.”Tyrelle was so polite. I used to take him and his brother to school with his mum in the car. He used to call me sir, he was a lovely lad.”Mr Burke is understood to have lived at the address with his mother and 14-year-old brother.Police and paramedics were called to the scene shortly after 8.20am.Louise Burnage, who lives nearby, said: “I don’t even want to put my daughter in high school because the kids are taking knives into school.” Meanwhile those who knew Mr Burke have paid tribute claiming he was “the sweetest lad… taken too soon”.Caitlin Robinson, who had gone to school with him, wrote online: “You was [sic] the most sweetest lad that I ever met. Rest in peace Tyrelle.”The scene of the attack remained cordoned off last night as forensic officers continuing to inspect the area. Police at the scene in WythenshaweCredit: MEN MEDIA Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A 20-year-old man has been stabbed to death on his own doorstep in Manchester after a row about noise.The victim, named locally as Tyrelle Burke, was rushed to hospital yesterday morning after being discovered at his Wythenshawe home in a critical condition.Greater Manchester Police said a 17-year-old male has been arrested and was “continuing to be questioned” in connection with the incident.Mr Burke is thought to have returned home at 6am after a night out with friends. Neighbours on the “quiet” residential street said a row seemingly escalated into violence. read more