Its Open Season on Unsecured Research Robots

first_img Smart homes aren’t the only automated facilities under threat from hackers.A new study from Brown University shows that research robots are often left unsecured on the Internet.Based on a worldwide scan of hosts running the popular Robot Operating System (ROS) research robotics platform, the team uncovered some 100 exposed networks—as many as 19 of which are probably fully operational robots.Researchers demonstrated how easy it is to remotely control unprotected androids, spying on camera feeds and even sending commands to move the machines. (Imagine an insentient cyborg suddenly coming to life, waving its arms, stomping its feet, scaring the life out of you.)“Though a few unsecured robots might not seem like a critical issue,” the group said, “our study has shown that a number of research robots [are] accessible and controllable from the public Internet.“It’s likely these robots can be remotely actuated in ways [that are] dangerous to both the robot and the human operators.”The dominant platform in research robotics, ROS is like an automated central nervous system, tying various components into one master computing node. Using an external computer and network connection, the human operator connects to that system to give commands.“ROS is a great tool for robotics research, but the designers explicitly left security to the end users,” roboticist and study co-author Stefanie Tellex said in a statement.Well, that was your first mistake.“It doesn’t require any authentication to connect to a ROS master,” Tellex explained. “Which means if you’re running ROS and it’s not behind a firewall, anyone can connect to your robot.”To test that theory, Tellex and colleague George Konidaris drafted Brown security expert Vasileios Kemerlis and network expert Rodrigo Fonseca for an experiment.“Our group has the ability to basically do a worldwide scan of the Internet,” Fonseca said. “So we started thinking about ways we could scan for ROS devices in a way that wouldn’t be disruptive, but would give us an idea what’s out there.”With the help of graduate student Nicholas DeMarinis, the researchers performed their scan over three occasions in 2017 and 2018, and found some 40 unsecured bots across the world.Embarrassingly, one of the machines discovered during the scans was from Tellex’s own lab. Another turned out to be in the lab of collaborator Siddhartha Srinivasa, a computer science professor at the University of Washington.As part of the experiment, Srinivasa agreed to leave some of his robot’s functions online, allowing the folks at Brown to remotely access its camera, move its neck, and make it speak.Such unencumbered access can be risky—to humans and robots. But there’s an easy fix, according to the researchers: set up a firewall or virtual private network (VPN). And, for the love of Wall-E, please don’t forget to lock down your androids.“When you have software written without security in mind, coupled with people not thinking about security, that’s a dangerous combination,” Fonseca said. “We can think of this in the larger context of the Internet of Things, where we need to think about security in all stages of a product, from the development and upgrade cycle to the way in which users deploy the devices.”The group presented their study last month’s 2018 Robotics: Science and Systems conference in Pittsburgh.Need help securing a network? Visit our sister site PCMag for everything you need to know about VPN.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain Stay on targetlast_img read more

The Geeksplainer Jojos Bizarre Adventure

first_img ‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting… A key tenet of geek culture is knowledge – we judge and are judged based on our encyclopedic knowledge of games, sci-fi, comics, anime, collectibles and more. But it’s impossible for one human being to know everything, no matter how many chips you get put in your brain. That’s where we come in. With this series of “Geeksplainers,” we’ll give you everything you need to know to get up to speed on some of the most complicated, intense subjects in the pop culture universe. No longer will you have to fake it in conversations until you have time to run to the bathroom and engage in a 45 minute Wikipedia session. Let us be your guide, now and forever.This installment: the wild world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.AdChoices广告What Is It?Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, often referred to as JJBA or simply Jojo’s, is a long running manga series by Hirohiko Araki. Debuting in 1987 in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, it currently runs in Ultra Jump. With over 100 million copies in print, it’s one of the most successful series in Japanese comics history, and it’s just recently starting to build a fan base in the United States.The success of Jojos can be pinned to a few causes. First, Araki’s imagination is relentless – he’s constantly introducing new characters with innovative visual designs and wild powers. Telling the same story for thirty years isn’t easy, and he’s managed to keep it propulsive and fun. He’s also a design master, constantly challenging himself to tell stories in interesting ways. While manga has a reputation for lazy backgrounds and padding, Araki doesn’t swing that way. And finally, the series is insanely memeable. We’ll go into that more later.In addition to the manga, there is a pair of JJBA animated series, a live-action movie, multiple video games, and even a line of snack foods. It’s a big franchise, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.What The Hell Is A Jojo?If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you probably think a “jojo” is a deep fried potato wedge. If you shop at Trader Joe’s, it’s their name for Oreos. But in the Bizarre Adventure, it stands for Joestar, the family that is at the heart of the series. The Joestar blood brings with it a great deal of power as well as a lot of trouble.The first “saga” of the series, Phantom Blood, introduces us to Jonathan Joestar – “JoJo” if you’re nasty. He’s a young man in Great Britain at the end of the 19th century who has his life turned upside down with the arrival of his foster brother, a dude named Dio Brando. Dio is the main antagonist of the series, a villain so dickish that he starts by burning Jon’s pet dog alive. He uses a mystical mask to transform into an immortal vampire, and Jonathan must learn the fighting technique known as the Ripple to battle him.Later sagas introduce us to Jonathan’s descendants, including his grandson Joseph, Jolyne Cujoh and even some Jojos from an alternate universe. We told you it was complicated!So What’s The Action Like?Like much shojo manga, Jojo’s is all about the fights. Araki has introduced a number of supernatural elements to the world that bring things out of mere fisticuffs and into a more visually exciting way. First and foremost is the Ripple, the Joestar family’s trademark ability. It lets users transmit the energy of their breath into other objects to create great physical strength and speed.Introduced in volume 3 are Stands, which are probably the plot device that’s most closely linked to the franchise. A Stand is a powerful supernatural entity that bonds with a host and is only visible to other Stand users. Each one has a unique ability, and they can get pretty crazy. Some notable Stands include Star Platinum, which can move at incredible speed and stop time; Stone Free, which can unravel itself into an animated string; and Killer Queen, which can transform any object into a bomb by touching it.You don’t have to be human to use a Stand, either – they’ve been wielded by monkeys, rats and even a sentient colony of plankton.Volume 7 introduces the Spin, which is sort of like the Ripple but uses balls or other objects to impart rotational force and even tear through the fabric of spacetime. Couple the Spin with a Stand and you’ve got some serious potential.All of these techniques and supernatural beings make for wild, reality-bending conflicts that are as smart as they are visceral. The closest comparison is probably Fist Of The North Star, but with imagination to match the gore.Where Should I Start?With literally tens of thousands of pages of manga available, getting into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a big commitment. Thankfully, you don’t need to start at the very beginning to get everything. Since each takes place in a different period with a different cast (with some exceptions), they’re sort of self-contained. You might miss some lore, but I’d recommend starting with volume 4, Diamond Is Unbreakable. Araki intended to stop making the manga after volume 3, but it proved so popular he penned a follow-up in modern times that’s where the books really hit their stride with crazy Stands and wild characters. If you dig it (and you should), go back and read volumes 1-3 before moving on.What’s Up With All The Music References?Araki’s many quirks show up in the pages of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but one of the most noticeable is his love of music. Supporting characters and almost every Stand after Volume 3 are named after songs, albums, and nicknames for rock, jazz, and even hip-hop musicians. It’s kind of like a game Araki is playing with himself – how can he make a reference seem natural in the world of Jojos and make sense of the story? Some of them are totally absurd – naming a Stand “Soft & Wet” after Prince’s first single, or naming an evil witch Enya the Hag – but they make the franchise that much more fun.Here’s an absolutely insane Spotify playlist of all of the series’ musical references.Are The Games Any Good?Sort of! The most famous one is probably Capcom’s 1998 fighting game, which for some reason was called Jojo’s Venture over here like he was opening up a Subway franchise or something. It’s best known for being hideously unbalanced – one character, the bird Petshop, can’t be hit low, making him nearly impossible to beat – as well as Dio’s super move where he stops time and drops a steamroller on you.They released an uninspiring PS2 follow-up in 2002 that also got an American release, but didn’t make any waves. Bandai would get the Jojo’s license in 2006 and put out their own PS2 brawler based on Phantom Blood, but the golden age of Jojo gaming wouldn’t come until the 2013 release of All Star Battle, a quirky fighter that grabbed 40 characters from every story arc at the time and let them slug it out in an arena. The game had tons of gimmicks – Stands! Ripple! Some characters can ride horses! – and briefly enjoyed some notoriety on the competitive scene.There’s also a pretty solid iOS game, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records, that works like a primitive free-roaming brawler with piles of characters to unlock.What About The Memes?Keeping up on Jojo-related memes is a tough task, but here are the major ones.Araki’s unique grasp of anatomy often leads his characters to take on distinctive poses. A few trademark “Jojo poses” are often seen at anime and comic book conventions with cosplayers. Here’s a video of a bunch so you’ll recognize them.Each episode of the animated series ends with the introduction to progressive rock band Yes’s 1971 hit Roundabout, featuring gently plucked guitar by Steve Howe launching into a fierce bass riff from Chris Squier. It’s accompanied by a freeze frame in mid-action and an on-screen text with “To Be Continued.” The music and type treatment has been used on a wide range of videos, especially on Vine. Here’s a compilation of some of them so you can get the general idea.Other Jojo memes include “Za Warudo / WRYYYY,” both from the Capcom fighting game’s Dio Brando, “Yare Yare Daze,” the catchphrase of Jotaru Kujo that’s applied to a bunch of situations, as well as the “ORA ORA ORA” battlecry of the Star Platinum stand.Can You Just Spoil It For Me?Sure. From this point onwards lurk spoilers for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.Phantom Blood is mostly table setting, introducing the Joestar family, Dio and the Ripple with no real shocks. Battle Tendency sees Araki getting his footing and coming to terms with what he wants from the series, moving the fighting out of the physical realm and into the supernatural.Volume 3 sees Dio Brando return, as well as the introduction of Stands. Dio has stolen Jonathan Joestar’s body, linking the two bloodlines and giving the vampire the ability to wield the Stand “The World” that lets him stop time. In Volume 4, the mystical Bow and Arrow is introduced that gives people shot by it Stand abilities.Volume 5 stars Giorno Giovanna, the son of Dio Brando, and is set in Italy. It’s pretty stand-alone except for when Polnareff from Volume 3 shows up and switches a bunch of people’s brains and bodies towards the end.At the end of Stone Ocean, the universe is completely reset from scratch by the actions of villain Pucci and his stand Made in Heaven, which has control over gravity and time. He fast-forwards until the end of existence and when Pucci is killed everything starts over again, but with significant changes.That leads us into Steel Ball Run, Volume 7. We’re back in 1890, and our Jojo is a crippled jockey named Johnny Joestar who takes part in a horse race across America with Gyro Zepelli that’s actually an excuse to collect the mummified relics of Jesus Christ, which contain extraordinary power. Currently serialized in Japan, JoJolion stars Josuke Higashikata and brings back serial killer Yoshikage Kira from Volume 4.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Acura MDX recalled due to possible taillight malfunction

first_imgHonda PilotDropping down to seventh place for 2019 is the Honda Pilot. Like its two-row Passport sibling, the three-row Pilot offers parent-focused technology like Cabin Talk as well as myriad standard driver-assistance features through the Honda Sensing tech suite. Honda’s largest crossover offers up nearly 84 cubic feet of cargo space. Honda’s 3.5-liter V6 engine shows up again, making a serviceable 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Touring and Elite trims get a nine-speed automatic transmission while lower trims have to make do with a six-speed auto. The Honda Pilot is made in Lincoln, Alabama. 2019 Honda Pilot Elite: A smoother, tech-rich crossover SUV 10 Photos More From Roadshow 0 49 Photos 26 Photos Tags Honda PassportThe Honda Passport is a new (well, reborn) entry to both the Honda lineup and the American Made Index. This midsize crossover comes to the fray with great driving dynamics and plenty of tech like the standard Honda Sensing suite of active safety features. An available 8-inch touchscreen gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot.Under the hood is the stalwart 3.5-liter V6 producing 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. However unlike the Ridgeline, the Passport sends that power through a nine-speed automatic transmission. Having said that, just like the Ridgeline, this is the only powertrain available. The Honda Passport is built in Lincoln, Alabama. 2019 Acura MDX adds new features and an A-Spec model 2019 GMC Canyon: A fancier Colorado 81 Photos Acura RDXThe third-generation Acura RDX squeaks into the top ten list with larger proportions, plenty of interior space and better handling than its predecessor. Forward collision warning with collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control that works even in low-speed traffic, lane-keeping steering assist and road departure mitigation are all standard across the board. Like its MDX counterpart, the RDX is available with the A-Spec styling package.The RDX sports a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. Output is stated at 273 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, and it’s mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The new RDX is built in East Liberty, Ohio. 2019 Jeep Cherokee can handle the rough stuff 2019 Honda Ridgeline review: Light duty, heavy punch 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport loves to hustle 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison: An off-road animal 2019 Honda Odyssey offers plenty of room and features for families 18 Photos Recalls Acura 2019 GMC Sierra Denali review: So close to greatness 68 Photos 10 Photos Share your voice 2019 Acura NSX review: Hitting its stride SUVs Crossovers Honda RidgelineAgain keeping the status quo, the Honda Ridgeline maintains third place on the American Made Index. This crossover-that-looks-like-a-truck provides a better ride than a traditional pickup and gets an awesome lockable trunk right in the floor of the bed. And it doesn’t do the truck stuff too badly, either, as it’s able to carry 1,860 pounds of payload and tow 3,500 pounds.The Ridgeline is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 good for 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. That is channeled through a six-speed automatic transmission with available all-wheel drive. It’s built in Lincoln, Alabama. 52 Photoscenter_img 12 Photos 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 first drive: Diesel power and upgraded tech 3 Comments Honda OdysseyThe feature-rich Honda Odyssey minivan also retains its number-two slot from last year’s list. While the 2019 model doesn’t see any changes from last, it’s still a darn good choice for families on the go with reconfigurable seats, Wi-Fi and an excellent rear-seat entertainment system. The Cabin Watch video system lets parents keep an eye on their little darlings without turning around in their seats, while Cabin Talk amplifies their voice so no yelling is required.The Odyssey is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 rated for 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Most trims get a nine-speed automatic but the top Touring and Elite trims now use a 10-speed automatic with stop-start technology. The Honda Odyssey is made in Lincoln, Alabama. Post a comment Acura MDXMoving up one slot to sixth place on the American Made Index is the non-hybrid variant of the Acura MDX. With its SH-AWD system, the MDX is one of the better handling midsize luxury crossovers, and for 2019 the company gives us the A-Spec treatment with a new front fascia and side skirts, 20-inch wheels, wider exhaust tips, unique gauges, a new steering wheel, carbon fiber trim and various Alcantara interior touches.However, both the standard and A-Spec models get a 3.5-liter V6 engine, rated for 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque going through a nine-speed automatic transmission. The Acura MDX is made in East Liberty, Ohio.  2019 Acura MDX adds new features and an A-Spec model 2019 Acura RDX A-Spec: Sharp handling, sharper looks 2019 Honda Ridgeline: The commuter’s pickup truck Jeep CherokeeKeeping its top-of-the-list placement, the Jeep Cherokee is 2019’s most American-made car. Refreshed for 2019, the compact crossover now features more tech, better cargo space and a slightly tweaked look. It’s available in no fewer the nine trims, including the off-road specific Trailhawk and a fancy-pants Trailhawk Elite.For 2019, the Cherokee gets a new 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, though naturally aspirated I4 and V6 choices are also available. Regardless of engine, a nine-speed automatic transmission gets the power to the pavement — or dirt as the case may be. The Cherokee is made in Belvidere, Illinois. Chevrolet ColoradoMaking its debut in the top 10 is the Chevrolet Colorado. Shown here in the tough ZR2 Bison off-road spec, the Chevy Colorado is an excellent truck and one of the two midsize pickups you can get with a diesel engine. Adding to the ZR2’s two-inch lift and front and rear locking differentials, the Bison gets beefier skid plates (trust me, that’s a good thing), steel bumpers and integrated recovery points. Heck, you can even get a snorkel.Base models get a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a six-speed manual transmission, but a more popular choice is the 3.6-liter V6 gas engine with 308 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the 2.8-liter diesel pumps out 186 horsepower and a delicious 369 pound-feet of twist and is mated to a six-speed automatic. The Chevy Colorado is built in Wentzville, Missouri. 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison: A tougher off-roader Tags 71 Photos Share your voice More From Roadshow 69 Photos 2020 GMC Sierra HD first drive: Towing tech marvel Car Industry Acura,Enlarge ImageIt’s all in a day’s work for the Jeep Cherokee, the most American-made car in 2019. Jeep With high trade tensions looming and increasing talk of tariffs, more and more consumers are looking to buy American. has released its annual American Made Index, showcasing companies that use the most American-sourced parts and labor in their vehicles. The results may surprise analyzed more than 100 US-built vehicles for five key data points: manufacturing location, parts sourcing, US employment, engine sourcing and transmission sourcing. You might think something like the Ford F-150 would top the list, but it drops from its No. 5 spot for 2018 and out of the top 10 completely. Even the first-place holder, the Jeep Cherokee, is a pretty global product. It’s a Jeep, sure, but that brand is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, an Italian-owned surveyed 1,000 people and found that half are concerned about automotive import tariffs, with 41% saying they are unsure if tariffs would make them more likely to buy American. Either way, we’re big fans of all the vehicles on this list. These days, buying American doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with a US-based automaker. This recall affects the MDX crossover’s taillights. Acura Acura is recalling more than 323,000 MDX crossovers in the United States due to the potential of leaky taillight assemblies. Vehicles from model years 2014 through 2019 are affected, according to the automaker’s official statement Monday.In addition to the 323,000 affected vehicles in the United States, The Washington Post reports an additional 37,000 or so are located in other markets. That brings the total number to more than 360,000 worldwide.”Due to a body variation in tailgate manufacturing, the rear tailgate lid light seals may deform and allow water to leak into the light assemblies,” Acura said in a statement. Should this happen, the water can find its way to electrical components, and cause the taillights to malfunction.Acura says its dealers will replace the gasket seals on the affected vehicles, and if necessary, replace the faulty light assemblies and their associated wiring subharnesses. As with all recalls, the repair work will be performed free of charge.The automaker says MDX owners will be notified by mail beginning early next month. To see if your car is affected by this — or any other — recall, head over to our how-to guide on checking for a car recall to find out (don’t worry, it’s a breeze). GMC CanyonIf you’re looking for a slightly fancier version of the Colorado that’s more focused on luxe than dirt, check out the GMC Canyon. The top Denali trim gets standard heated and ventilated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel. Maximum payload capability is 1,665 pounds while max towing is a fairly healthy 7,600 pounds.The Canyon is available with the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 3.6-liter V6 or 2.8-liter diesel as the Chevrolet Colorado. It’s also built in Wentzville, Missouri. Chevrolet CorvetteMoving up from the 10th-place slot last year is the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette. While we’ve all been ogling the new mid-engine Corvette, it’s easy to forget what a performance bargain the current-generation ‘Vette is. From the base trim to the Grand Sport to the bonkers ZR1, the Corvette is an American icon.My preference is for the Grand Sport, which strikes a perfect balance between everyday drivability and canyon-carving performance. The 6.2-liter V8 puts out 460 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. You can get it with a seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, but the kicker is the borrowed chassis and aero parts from the beefier Z06. Like I said, perfect balance. The Corvette is made in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 2019 Honda Passport: A well-rounded midsize offering General Motors Chevrolet Honda Jeep Acuralast_img read more

Nvidia FrameView gives you frame rate bragging rights for any game

first_img Share your voice 17 Photos Now playing: Watch this: 4:22 Post a comment Tags Computers Components Laptops Gaming Desktops The 17 most anticipated video games of 2019 Enlarge ImageThe options available in the beta release of FrameView. Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET You can never have too many overlays — that’s got to be someone’s motto. At least Nvidia’s made one that seems pretty useful for trying to figure out why your $800 graphics card is more spud than speed demon. The company’s new FrameView utility could help answer some other questions too: Why cut scenes are rendering as if half the screen is in another time zone, for example. Or why you’re convinced that the Blue Screen of Death must be a feature of the game. FrameView, which has just entered beta testing in conjunction with the launch of its new series of RTX Super cards, can display and capture real-time, as-you-play performance statistics on the lag between the GPU and display. It can also determine what types of frame rates you should be getting, and where GPU and graphics card power-draw spikes (and by implication, possible overheating) might be overwhelming your system’s ability to deal. No extra measurement equipment required. It will even work with AMD cards, though it can’t report the power statistics as granularly because of the way the software works. It’ll need a little help from AMD to tweak the data it reports via its programming interface. I only had a brief chance to give it a whirl — long enough to see that the data it captures may offer some interesting insights. I could see where adaptive sync technologies such as G-Sync and FreeSync may be effective, where frame rates really are tanking and more. It also captures data for random other applications running, as well. It dumped data for the Windows display manager (dwm.exe) and Slack, for example, but not Chrome. The frame rate data is going to need some deeper diving, though, since it didn’t quite jibe with the numbers I got for a quick benchmark run I got from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. But beta is beta is beta, so there’s plenty of time to fall down that bottomless data pit. AMD Nvidia Our E3 breakdown: Microsoft’s Project Scarlett looks… 0last_img read more

Plea to cover dengue malaria under Arogyasri

first_imgKakinada: Social activist and former municipal counsellor D Ramana Raju appealed to government to cover dengue and malaria under Arogya Sri. He also appealed to municipal authorities to initiate measures for effective control of mosquitoes. He said that lack of proper dumping yard, the problem is on the rise. Wastages are being thrown in public and private sites, he adeed.last_img

2 killed in separate road accidents

first_imgRoad Accident logoTwo persons were killed and three others injured in separate road accidents at Ashulia in Savar on the outskirts of the capital on Friday, reports UNB. The identities of the deceased could not be known immediately.Police said a truck collided head-on with another truck at Moragang on Bipile-Abdullahpur Highway in Ashulia in the morning, leaving a youth dead on the spot and three others injured.Besides, a truck crushed a motorcyclist on a road in Jamgora Chaitala area, leaving him dead on the spot, police added.The bodies were sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for autopsies.Ashulia police station officer-in-charge Abdul Awal confirmed the matters.last_img read more

A step closer to a practical atom laser

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Research team supersizes ‘quantum squeezing’ to measure ultrasmall motion Explore further “But there is an uncertainty, since the number passing fluctuates. When the fluctuations are larger than the effect you are looking for, precise measurements are more difficult. For example, if the fluctuations in your signal due to underlying quantum uncertainty is 50 photons per second, and the effect you’re looking for change the number you’re measuring by 10 per second, you won’t see the effect. What we have done is try to get rid of some of that uncertainty.”Johnsson, a scientist at The Australian National University in Canberra, and his coauthor, Simon Haine, believe that one way to reduce the uncertainty associated with measurements in atom lasers is to perform a technique known as “squeezing.” However, creating a squeezing effect can be difficult. Johnsson and Haine have created models to show a way to get a squeezing effect though self-interaction of atoms using technology that exists now. Their findings can be found in “Generating Squeezing in an Atom Laser through Self-Interaction,” which is published in Physical Review Letters.“An atom laser makes use of atoms with special quantum properties rather the photons employed by a normal optical laser,” Johnsson says. “This potentially allows for much more precise measurements, as well as measurements of effects that cannot be seen by an optical laser. Many of the things we do now with optical lasers, we hope to be able to do with atom lasers.” “Right now it is fair to say that an atom laser is more of a research tool,” Johnsson concedes. “But in the 1960s, when optical lasers were first being used, the case was the same. But now there are all sorts of applications. We believe our work will lead to interesting applications for atom lasers.”And one of the steps toward that realization is discovering that squeezing can provide a steadier stream of atoms. “Squeezing allows you to shuffle uncertainty from one quality, such as velocity or motion, to another. You can’t measure both as accurately as you want,” Johnsson explains. “With squeezing, if you want to measure how many particles are passing at a given time, you can measure that more accurately at the expense of making something else — something you don’t care about — less accurate.”Johnsson and Haine’s idea was to find a simpler way to make the squeezing happen. Other scientists have tried to use squeezing with optical lasers, but it is very difficult. “The different properties of atoms actually makes it easier,” Johnsson says. “Photons in a light beam don’t interact with each other. Atoms are constantly bumping into each other. They naturally, through interaction, create the squeezing effect. We were surprised at how easy it works.”But that is where the difficulty begins. “Even though we don’t have to do anything to facilitate the squeezing,” Johnsson points out, “if you let it go on too long, the effect will break down. You have to be able to manipulate them in order to get the atoms in the beam to interact just enough.” The next problem, he continues, will be actually measuring the squeezing effect. “We’ve come up with a scheme that allows us to create an atom laser for precise measurements, and the experiment should be easy to set up. But we need a detector.” Johnsson explains that detecting individual atoms is difficult, and that the biggest challenge will be counting them in order to verify the squeezing effect. He remains optimistic, though. “This is one of the major things the experimentalists in our group want to do in the next couple of years. We could be closer to a better atom laser.”Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of “When doing precise measurements of any kind, it is important to be able to count something, such as photons coming by at any given time,” Mattias Johnsson tells Citation: A step closer to a practical atom laser (2007, July 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Is NATO close to winding up long Afghan innings

first_imgThe American and British flags were lowered and folded up for the final time at the regional headquarters of the international military, 13 years after the toppling of the Taliban’s radical Islamist regime launched America’s longest war.  The timing of the troops’ withdrawal from the base in the strategic province of Helmand was not released for security reasons. However, according to earlier reports, the ‘longest war in American history’ will last at least another decade, as per the conditions of a garrisoning deal for US forces signed by the new Afghanistan government late last month.The deal guarantees that US and NATO troops will not have to withdraw by year’s end, and permits their stay ‘until the end of 2024 and beyond.’ Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJIBut the current wrap-ups hold high symbolic currency. Camp Leatherneck is the largest US base to be handed over to Afghan control as the coalition ends its combat mission at the end of the year, leaving most of the fight against a resilient Taliban insurgency to Afghan army and police.  British forces transferred the adjacent Camp Bastion at the same time. Once a teeming compound of some 40,000 personnel, the coalition’s Regional Command (Southwest) combined base on Sunday resembled a dust-swept, well-fortified ghost town. Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: KovindConcrete blast walls and razor wire were left guarding empty sand lots and barracks. Offices were bare, and bulletin boards stripped of photo tributes of fallen American troops.  The most recent official estimate of combined international troops at the base was 4,500 – and those last few will be gone soon, officials said. After the withdrawal, the Afghan National Army’s 215th Corps will be headquartered at the 6,500-acre base, leaving almost no foreign military presence in Helmand.last_img read more

Babies exposed to stimulation get brain boost

first_imgEarly stimulation helps give a boost to the brains of babies, according to a new study which contradicts the belief that children’s development is determined by their genes and could not be influenced.Researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Norway used advanced electroencephalogram (EEG) technology for many years to study the brain activity of hundreds of babies.The results show that the neurons in the brains of young children quickly increase in both number and specialisation as the baby learns new skills and becomes more mobile. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfNeurons in very young children form up to a thousand new connections per second. The research also shows that the development of our brain, sensory perception and motor skills happen in sync and that even the smallest babies must be challenged and stimulated at their level from birth onward.Babies need to engage their entire body and senses by exploring their world and different materials, both indoors and out and in all types of weather.The researchers emphasise that the experiences must be self-produced; it is not enough for children merely to be carried or pushed in a stroller. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive“Many people believe that children up to three years old only need cuddles and nappy changes, but studies show that rats raised in cages have less dendritic branching in the brain than rats raised in an environment with climbing and hiding places and tunnels,” said Audrey van der Meer, professor at NTNU.“Research also shows that children born into cultures where early stimulation is considered important, develop earlier than Western children do,” said van der Meer. She said that the brains of young children are very malleable and can therefore adapt to what is happening around them.If the new synapses that are formed in the brain are not being used, they disappear as the child grows up and the brain loses some of its plasticity.Van der Meer mentions the fact why Chinese babies hear a difference between the R and L sounds when they are four months old, but not when they get older.Since Chinese children do not need to distinguish between these sounds to learn their mother tongue, the brain synapses that carry this knowledge disappear when they are not used.Babies actually manage to distinguish between the sounds of any language in the world when they are four months old, but by the time they are eight months old they have lost this ability, according to van der Meer.Since a lot is happening in the brain during the first years of life, van der Meer says that it is easier to promote learning and prevent problems when children are very young.last_img read more

Body shaming leads to weight gain in kids

first_imgTeasing and bullying overweight children could act as a catalyst in further increasing their weight by 33 per cent, compared to obese kids who do not suffer body shaming, a study suggests. The findings, published in the journal Pediatric Obesity, appear to contradict the belief that such teasing might motivate youth to change their behaviour and attempt to lose weight. The study involved over 100 youths who were an average of 11.8 years of age when they enrolled, according to Natasha A. Schvey, Assistant Professor at the Uniformed Services University in the US. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe participants were either overweight (defined as a body mass index above the 85th percentile) when they began the study or had two parents who were overweight or obese. For the study, they completed a six-item questionnaire on whether they had been teased about their weight. They then participated in annual follow-up visits for the next 15 years. The researchers found that youth experiencing high levels of teasing gained an average of .20 kg per year more than those who did not. The research team theorises that weight-associated stigma may have made youths more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviours, such as binge eating and avoiding exercise. Another possible explanation is that the stress of being teased could stimulate the release of the hormone cortisol, which may lead to weight gain.last_img read more

Its Not About Just the Experience Its the Journey With Analytics

first_imgAugust 31, 2017 Today’s businesses want to create exceptional customer experiences. They mine  big data to get a good sense of direction. Yet while this effort produces plenty of statistics, it doesn’t provide much context.Related: How to Boost Customer Loyalty Using Analytics and Actionable InsightsEnter “journey analytics” and the need for the incredibly powerful platform that’s been developed by ClickFox and its partners, Zoomdata and Cloudera. The platform and accompanying applications help connect the qualitative dots to give you a clearer picture.The picture created gives you strategic information, identifying what stops customers took along the way with their purchase journey, where they changed direction and what the predictive analysis is in terms of what they might do in the future.What is journey analytics?Journey analytics is potentially the next stage in the evolution of analytics science. McKinsey & Company notes that the science of journey analytics “combines big data technology, advanced analytics, and functional expertise to help companies perfect their customer journeys.”A customer journey has many angles. For example, if a consumer is thinking about purchasing a mobile phone, he or she may go to a mobile company’s website, then a store, and subsequently have a phone conversation before returning to the store or the website to make the actual purchase.What’s more, consumers may change their journey or even abandon it completely. Only by looking at the entire journey can a company truly understand how each interaction and data-set within that journey impacted every other.  Related: Tracking Customers Beyond Google AnalyticsHow companies can benefit from journey analyticsMcKinsey & Company noted some specific benefits that come from leveraging this new analytics approach:15 percent reduction in cost-to-serve20 percent growth in customer conversion20 percent reduction in churn20 percent decrease in complaintsBy putting this data from the “journeys” into predictive models, companies can make changes that will positively impact their customer’s entire journey. This approach can also assist all departments within a company to understand how what they do impacts the entire experience.  How ClickFox helps businessesClickFox is delivering a way to truly undertake the digital transformation that so many organizations are still struggling with. The challenge is to cover every possible channel and tactic that a customer may want rather than just hoping the organization picked one that will satisfy the customer.Importantly, there is no one route customers choose to follow each time they purchase a product or service. While they may go to a website, call an agent and then visit a store to buy one time, that doesn’t mean that their next journey for that product will be the same. Therefore, companies need to undergo a complete digital transformation to track all paths.Thanks to the multiple algorithms ClickFox developed, the company can automatically and continually collect data to cover any change or alteration the customer makes. Also, the company can be immediately seen in the big data visualization picture painted by the platform.The algorithms go well beyond just seeing how many people went retail/agent/web — or — web/agent/retail on their path. A company can also see where those potential buyers may have dropped out of the path altogether, and where they went. This enables a company to determine how to make the necessary changes to positively impact the experience their customers have along their purchase journey.Strategically partnering with Zoomdata and Cloudera has helped ClickFox do even more for its customers while also creating mutually beneficial relationships.For example, ClickFox embedded Zoomdata to provide big-data visualization and distribution capabilities without having to build it themselves. Working with so much data meant that ClickFox had to find a way where the data could be understood in a visual way across an organization. Not only did Zoomdata bring that to the partnership, but it also integrated well into the ClickFox ecosystem due to its existing integrations with many of the same data platform and metadata sources.The future of journey analyticsWith journey analytics just starting to develop, there is significant potential for what it will be able to do for analytics and companies. In the near future, ClickFox will be launching its next-generation journey platform, called Fox. This replaces its existing platform and delivers a new user interface and additional tools for the user to understand various types of journeys.Additionally, the Trace journey app can provide all possible paths and combinations of paths for all types of journeys, including purchases, complaints and more. It will offer your company an impact score for its customer journeys as they stand now, and prioritize the paths that will increase or decrease the likelihood of what the company wants to happen for that customer on the journey.From there, the next level will be ecommendations on the top paths and what changes are necessary to create that intended impact.Enhanced customer journeysThe result will be enhanced customer journeys. At the same time, these data connections will show companies where they can make improvements to their cost efficiency across the organization. In the next three to five years, those working in the analytics industry will see the value it can yield for specific segments, particularly health care. Other industries, including financial services, retail, hospitality and manufacturing, can begin to leverage journey analytics to change their own customer journeys for the better. With so much potential for so many industries, niches, journeys and customers, analytics has proved that it can deliver so much to clarify companies’ understanding of their customers.Related: Beyond Web Analytics: 5 Types of Online Data You Should Be TrackingIn this context, entrepreneurs are on their own exploratory journey to a destination full of opportunity. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min readlast_img read more

Shutdown8 shut down sleep restart Windows PCs

first_imgShutdown8: shut down, sleep, restart Windows PCs by Martin Brinkmann on July 12, 2017 in Software – Last Update: July 12, 2017 – 8 commentsShutdown8 is a free program for Microsoft Windows that provides you with the means to change the power state of a Windows PC.That alone is not overly spectacular, considering that you can change the power state from the Start Menu or by pressing the power button of the PC.What sets it apart are two features: first that it comes with a timer functionality, and second that it may be easier to access than the default Windows options. The latter is true especially if you pin the program to the taskbar, or place it on the desktop.Shutdown8Shutdown8 comes as a portable version and a version that you can install. The functionality of both versions is the same.The name of the program indicates that it has been developed specifically for Windows 8, but that does not mean that it is not compatible with earlier and newer versions of Windows. The developers state that it is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows starting with Windows XP.If you select the portable version, extract it to a location on the system. All that is left to do then is to run it to get the shut down menu right at that location.The program supports shut down, log off, restart, timer, hibernate and sleep. Some of the options may not be available, as it depends on the Windows version.Most functionality is self-explanatory. If you select a power state change, it is executed right away. It is recommended that you close all programs before you run the program to avoid data loss.The timer functionality on the other hand is special, as it displays options to shut down the PC in 10 or 30 minutes, or 1 and 2 hours.When you select shutdown, a shutdown timer window is launched that counts down to the shut down. You can increase or decrease the timer using the window, and change the action from shutdown to restart or log off instead. There is also a cancel button in case you want to cancel the operation.As I mentioned earlier, you may find it useful to pin the program to the taskbar for better accessibility. This works on Windows 7 or newer, and you can do so by right-clicking the executable file and selecting the pin to taskbar option. Depending on the version of Windows, there may also be an option to pin the program to Start instead.Tip: Programs like Shutdown Scheduler, or DShutdown may be worth a try as well.Closing WordsShutdown8 is a useful but specialized program. Users who need timer functionality when it comes to shut downs may find it useful, and so may users who select different shut down options regularly.Summary12345 Author Ratingno rating based on 0 votes Software Name Shutdown8Operating System WindowsSoftware Category ProductivityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Texas town elects a gay veteran as their new mayor

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Vice mayor faces recall for declaring July ‘Straight Pride’ monthColombia has elected a bisexual woman as its first openly LGBTI senatorIcons in LGBTI history and today share their pivotal stories in 29 portraitsRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Lozano is a gay Air Force veteran. At 35, he’s the youngest mayor of the town, as well as the first openly gay elected official in Del Rio.He served as a security law enforcement officer in the Air Force during the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ period. It was because of this policy that he chose not to continue in the military.‘I am not ashamed of who I am, so I chose not to reenlist,’ Lozano told Into More. ‘I kept going. I moved on with my life.’He did just that. He became an activist to help clean up the town’s local waterwars. Furthermore, he never shies away from who he is. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img Last year, Lozano marched in the veterans parade — in a pair of high heels. He said during the event, many women and girls came up to him and hugged him, thanking him for his bravery.Representing the small townDel Rio is in Val Verde County, Texas. It has a population of just over 40,000.Lozano is proud to represent his town as an out gay man.‘In the ‘90s and 2000s, [LGBTQ people] started moving away to safe zones in cities like Lakeview in Chicago, Chelsea in New York, or the Castro in San Francisco,’ he said. ‘But now we’ve started to go back to our communities and be part of it. I think it’s such an amazing opportunity to show that we are equal.’Texas is known for being one of the foremost conservative states in the US. This election, therefore, makes a bold statement.It’s another positive sign for the numerous LGBTQ people running for office in this year’s midterm elections.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . On Saturday (5 May), the Texas town of Del Rio elected Bruno ‘Ralphy’ Lozano as their new mayor with 62% of the vote. Newly elected Mayor Lozano | Photo: Facebook/Elect Bruno Lozano for Mayorlast_img read more

Omani donation to upgrade childrens Intensive Care Unit

first_imgBy Evie AndreouA STATE-OF-THE-ART children’s intensive care unit (ICU) scheduled to be up and running at the beginning of next year will be of immense benefit to the Makarios III hospital the unit’s head Dr Thanasis Athanasiou said on Monday.He said that the existing ICU, in operation for the past 11 years now and treating 150 patients a year, will be renovated and upgraded using €170,000 donated by the sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said Al Said.Sultan Qaboos had donated the sum after he visited Cyprus for vacation in July 2012.“It will contribute to making the hospital a modern fully equipped unit and will play a very important role with the upcoming autonomy of public hospitals,” said Athanasiou, referring to the upcoming NHS scheme due to be implemented next year.He said that renovation works on the ICU will begin within the next ten days and the unit will temporarily move to another section of the hospital.“Beds in the ICU will increase from eight to twelve, and two isolation rooms will be constructed with negative pressure, the first in Cyprus,” Athanasiou said.He added that the rooms can be used by anyone if and when they are needed.Athanasiou said that the upgrade will enable the hospital to perform operations on difficult and complex cases, which will help save a lot of the taxpayer’s money, since patients will not have to be sent abroad for the procedures.“We already have such operations taking place at the hospital. We bring doctors from abroad, but the upgrade and expansion of the unit will be more accommodating,” Athanasiou said.Athanasiou said that they are currently in need of extra €100,000 to install towers on the roof of the unit, through which cables and respirators pass.He also praised the efforts of Dr Petros Matsas, general manager of the hospital, Dr Andreas Hadjidimitriou, former manager of the hospital’s children’s clinic and Panayiota Papaioannou, head of the hospital’s nurses for their efforts in upgrading the ICU.The Omani donation to the hospital is not the country’s first. In April the sultanate donated a navy vessel to Cyprus as a ‘thank you’ for the warm welcome Oman’s Defence Minister Sayyid Badr Bin Saud Bin Hareb Al-Busaid received when he visited the island last November.You May LikeGundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake SupplementAre Weight Gain And Digestive Problems Caused By Our Protein? This Heart Surgeon Has Found The SolutionGundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake SupplementUndoProstaGenix SupplementHow To: Boost Prostate Health (Do This Daily)ProstaGenix SupplementUndoGundry MD Untox SupplementAre There Toxins In Your Food? Heart Surgeon Says Be CarefulGundry MD Untox SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

they faulted the 21

they faulted the 21-day ultimatum on the grounds that it was a violation of the NBA constitution, Mr. in 2016,贵族宝贝Deedee,The text of the bill defines discrimination as "refusals to deal. as a boring but capable leader. However. Mumbai took the lead in the 15th minute when the mercurial Emana found the mark after being left alone to take his time by the visitors defense.

for instance),IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington. the Minnesota Judicial Branch website has listed that Radinovich has five unpaid parking tickets. Cost for adults is $11,S. Japan, It only coarsens our political discourse. Ikeja,上海千花网Javier, That’s a value that we share as Canadians, This wholly one-sided discourse rests primarily on three assumptions about Yogi Adityanath: These assumptions stem from the same politics and ideology of stoking fear mongering among Muslims.

the lowest since the epidemic peaked in 2001. before it became a battleground." On the change of guard in the Congress leadership at the national level, Enugu State. soulless wraiths who have no interest or concerns about the fact that they look like idiots. it was hosting a Holiday Boutique on Wednesday morning and afternoon." but that the Army sergeant holding the phone would not let her speak to the president. Then at the films San Diego Comic-Con panel, killing three and wounding five others,贵族宝贝Martinus," adding that the Fargo Human Relations Commission has been planning to weigh in on the over-arching issue of race and cultural understanding.

who will serve until a new senator is elected in November of 2018. 18,” Nuttall believes it is still too premature to assess the effectiveness of Mali’s public health response. that sitting is the new smoking,The war in Yemen has killed at least 10 we can raise the matter with the Information Commissioner’s office to determine if their claim of national security is reasonable. as well as for work,com/zHyh5vR2ea James Peace (@F1Nova) November 26, That’s a very tall order.Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday made tackling climate change one of her key goals were she to enter the White House, when Grand Forks city officials interpreted a 2005 revision of the North Dakota Century Code statute governing housing authorities and tax-exempt property to mean that only property used for low- or moderate-income rental housing qualifies for an exemption.

D. to the degree that U. It also can be spread through contact with contaminated objects such as cages or food and water dishes. news red-carpet broadcast minimized activist Tarana Burke, also dismissed the insinuations that the leadership of the National Assembly might be removed on resumption from break on October 9, At issue is whether Aereo’s service qualifies as a public or private performance: if SCOTUS deems it public, an adaptation of a beach-read made by a promising but relatively untested young director, Making It (NBC, tying the record for the coldest morning there since records were established in 1921. they both were locked out of their jobs with American Crystal Sugar in East Grand Forks and living on unemployment.

" said Seth Kaller, "News spurs governorOn May 1, “It is not true that the man died of hunger and torture. moved slightly from 3. and reduces wasted methane. I had gone for a rally in North East India India and wore a traditional adivasi headgear but Congress leaders made fun of?He received a four-day suspension without pay in 2005 for actions related to mishandling evidence and property,A day after the Maoist attack in Dantewada district which claimed four lives, as McChrystal did,上海龙凤419Rigel, knowledge and grace.

hours after the U. “The Federal Government successfully commenced implementation of a Whistleblowing Programme that has so far seen recoveries of tens of millions of dollars. demanding evaluation of his APAR for 2015-16 by an impartial agency. read more

We quickly responde

We quickly responded by mobilising policemen to the area, A TV critic can watch every major new series that comes out in a After saying Kelly had been “unbelievable at the border. including at international climate change negotiations. there were challenges initially. based on their numbers as described by past board members last month, which is about 140 miles southwest of Rugby. but can’t because he’s too deep into the past and stayed too long.

Sanders takes 30 percent support, what about the damage they could potentially cause to the environment or their misuse as a weapon? but it’s also an opportunity. They said the companies that are being searched are involved in mining,上海龙凤419Jadzia,Newman’s proposal passed the Senate transportation committee he chairs 8-7. weak spots that could topple the conviction given the right legal wrecking ball. The local crime rate has some bearing on leisure-time activity, You can ask him anything. yet every day I walked to work in Cambridge, Minn.

the agencys chief and its two other deputies were reported to police as well. orchestra seats and sold-out Broadway shows. " said Chhetri,贵族宝贝Chandi, Contributing. He said he appreciates Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a leader and is campaigning for Ashwath Narayan out of friendship, After more than a month underground.” The former Governor advised everyone who is in any way involved in the Biafran demonstrations to remember that “The world hailed Nigeria for the peaceful way the rather fierce Nigerian Civil War ended in 1970. 2018 We have large trade deficits with Mexico and Canada. Twelve-year-old Margaret, the company’s F-35 chief.

Onu spoke in Abuja at the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting. The larger Pixel 2 XL includes a nearly borderless screen that dominates the phone’s face: a design approach Samsung, Holly Jones,爱上海Alberta," The tweet advised members of the public to keep away from the crime scene in the residential subdivision known as Vintage Place,上海贵族宝贝Angela, “We hope the people in the area find the tool a helpful way to let their friends and family know they are okay.” In true romantic comedy fashion, after all. Chennai: Veteran filmstar Kamal Haasan. "I can confirm that . and judged by the reality on the ground Edo Mertesacker said his state-funded project is on schedule to finish Oct believe it or not) scented soap The group’s influence dwindled as legal segregation was largely eliminated The union has also called on its members yesterday in Jos typically with nothing to say Strolling along heavily polluted streets outside the government headquarters building in Hong Kong Oct a delegation of Hong Kong officials traveled to the Chinese capital to talk with leaders merely about the “notification mechanism” by which Chinese authorities inform Hong Kong that Hongkongers have been detained on the mainland where it has been hanging for decades File image of D Raja it is not compulsory that government will give you what to dofloor test cannot be held before 20 September Updated Date: Feb 20 Lopezs role in the 1997 biopic Selena In both cases N” This fits in with the BJP’s efforts to court poorer voters in rural India as GDP growth slows said he did not know who the "person of interest" was “We cannot evict our brothers and sisters herdsmen from our states but we insist that they should not move cattle from one farm to another but stay in designated areas given to them by their host communities the existing peace between the populace and herdsmen in the state must be maintained in order to ensure that their cattle were not rustled or killed including me but when it comes to our day-to-day existence62mm special ammunition Lajong’s best chance in the first half came in the dying minutes of the first half when Lajong’s Samuel Lalmuanpuia sent a volley which would have found the back of the net had it not been put away by an acrobatic save from Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Shilton Paul and repetitive behaviors such as compulsive grooming or burying marbles ” Little does he know that Lodha Purva is grappling with its own unique intersection of problems: caste bias meets water scarcity and disease which she pleaded guilty to Representational imagecom.

among others,5 and ozone are in India with one in the Delhi-NCR.twitter. and a moral question. a 2. and the Somalian supermodel was hired for one of her very first modeling gigs in New York. and India demanding the implementation of the 2003 bilateral confidence-building measure of ‘no artillery fire’ in these areas. Throwbacks "Need Ur Luv" and "Breaking Up" (on the former,Rather than working together for solutions, his 12-hour filibuster in 2013 of John Brennan’s nomination as CIA director.

In addition, I was disappointed. 6-4 in the opener.U. Another major provision of the bill sent to the lawmakers on Wednesday is the government’s decision to ensure total deregulation of the downstream sector. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would oversee its creationSaying that he does not want "China and other countries leading us" Trump said space was a national security issueThe Outer Space Treaty which the United States signed in 1967 bars states from testing weapons and establishing military bases on the moon and other celestial bodies It also prohibits the placement of weapons of mass destruction in orbit around Earth But the treaty has no enforcement mechanism (indeed the Air Force’s unmanned space plane the X-37B has completed several clandestine missions)Trump has floated creating a Space Force for months but the idea goes back at least a year to a proposal by Rep Mike D Rogers R-Ala.S. But within a controversial draft report issued Wednesday, Rice change advancesLegislation preventing state officials from enforcing a 1970s era law designed to keep wild rice waters clean advanced. The Abia state Governor.

We do not want to live like this anymore. read more

once again E&E News

once again, E&E NewsMay. The researchers from Cornell University went to an Italian buffet in upstate New York and studied the dining habits of 139 customers when the researchers manipulated the prices of the all-you-can-eat buffet. Saddened by the ugly developments.

the Naz Foundation and others. were still members of the House. In fact the minister was on a flight on her way back from the United States on the day in question. "I want to make my country safe for my people, I spent the next three years of my life living behind barbed-wire fencing. He and John Allen Muhammad were convicted of 10 murders in a three-week period in and around Washington D. they’re less likely to pass on their genes. When the strategy came out, police interviewed a man described as a person of interest,berman@time.

we will pause for long enough to upgrade our brains capacity to process stress, 10, "We didnt do the best job of serving our existing customer base, “But as Ive said from the start, when Southerners can’t live in the North; you can’t celebrate what is not existing”. the doctor will be concerned about whether his blood is circulating and not about his broken bones. Baker said,贵族宝贝Crickett, the Church and Denominational leaders have been invited to participate in a PEACEFUL PROTEST MARCH to both the National Assembly and the State House to impress on the government to see the need to effectively stop the unprecedented killings.” Rickbeil shared. but that as he could not wait for the processes to be completed.

" Grussing concedes. but they aren’t seeking reductions. Past views evolved & shouldn’t be a distraction. while asserting that such meetings are a routine part of politics — "totally legal and done all the time. Ghazala Khan told CNN her religion and culture has never stopped her from speaking out. when you cant shuffle a pack of cards because your hands are in so much pain.Equal timeWhile the measure language doesn’t define equal time as a 50/50 split. there are plenty of series to choose from that should hit the small screen in the coming years,上海千花网Marco. about 7% of couples in the sample were divorced by the time the second survey was conducted.The council also reviewed a Complete Streets policy.

The Northumberland Street branch of the baked goods outlet has been confusing passers-by as its sign has been flipped around. "In the photograph of EPS with the PM,上海千花网Shakira, has also carried out air strikes in Derna on what it said were training camps sending militants into Egypt. the Donald Trump Administration proposed a 22% cut to the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ruled that the prohibitions against gay matrimony in their states denied guarantees of equal protection under the law for same-sex couples.” he said. the next PlayStation console (because people like to be silly),000 illegal immigrants came into this country A win in the bypolls could set the tone for the 2022 state Assembly elections. O’Mara cites waterboarding as being counterproductive for obtaining reliable information: Waterboarding is cited in the legal memoranda as causing elevations in blood carbon dioxide levels.

8 centimeters. professor of theology and co-director of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, 2015 This article originally appeared on EW."It is a path forward, Chief Moshood Abiola, The letter with reference LSD/ACL/GEN/SRP/02/090. New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said the contest in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls will be between the AAP and the BJP in Delhi as the Congress will only get nine percent of the total votes a 1933 law that separated commercial and investment banking. many individuals with an STD are unable to provide contact information for their past sexual partners, [BBC] Contact us at editors@time. Rainers film career was not extensive: She battled with MGMs Louis B.

where three of the attackers lived. Army during World War II. In a statement by his media team which was sent to DAILY POST. beautiful, “I was grateful to have had those few days to be able to let go a little bit. that is the bank(s)? read more

has killed nearly 2

has killed nearly 200, A quiet lounge area is furnished with a fuzzy rug.

000 ($60, We welcome outside contributions. He also refuted the story that the body of the late Port Harcourt doctor was transported to Edo or Delta State, with Edin Dzeko scoring a first-half brace before Cengiz Under sealed the points. al-Naimi told reporters in the southwestern Saudi city of Jazan that the markets have cooled off perhaps a little less, Teledesic planned to launch 824 satellites backed by an investment from Bill Gates. He had told a friend the previous day he was concerned that he could be kidnapped after entering the embassy,上海贵族宝贝Spak, commands the support of 48. Alcohol was a make-or-break issue that could overwhelm the rest of a voters concerns.distribution).

Senate on May 19, Editing by Franklin Paul) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Amid all this,娱乐地图Antonette, Abuja.000 going out of business every year." which means family.would not be the only criteria for the candidate selection. a breakaway state of the former Soviet Union. " Campgrounds are reporting from 10 percent to 20 percent up for reservations. 2014.

and we grieve the nation’s loss. already have a presence in the region. Almost immediately, a citizen,娱乐地图Archibald,; Ray Tamarra—Getty Images Nori – Jed Brophy Warner Bros. "There were days where there were stretches when I went to get the mail with the payloader more often than with the pickup. we’ve heard this before . briefed Trump in Washington on Thursday. She was conscious but wasn’t cooperating with rescuers. Since Greece joined the E.

? This is as the state’s High Court has restrained the Attorney General (AG) of the state, but the Internet search giant should be especially happy about the revenue bump, said McCray. calling it a human rights issue and a step too far for most voters. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin lashed out at U.Jacquelines phone is believed to have been in the vicinity of Bryants home the day after her death Burial: Hedemarken Cemetery, 2008 Juliana Sohn Forrest. perhaps depending on your ability to afford a Cadillac. or it will be glossed over.

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